Novum 3D Recyclable Backpack Made With Mono Material

Novum 3D – First Recyclable Backpack Made With Single Material

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We have seen so many recyclable products—from 3D-printed sneakers to bio-sneakers. But German outdoor gear brand Vaude is taking recycling up a notch with their latest Novum 3D backpack. It is the world’s first recyclable backpack made with recyclable just one type of material.

3D printed backpack by Vaude & OECHSLER

The innovative prototype bag boasts a honeycomb construction that offers maximum stability using minimal materials. All the parts of this bag with circular design are 3D printed, including the back pads and the straps. And, these parts consist of 100-percent thermoplastic material (TPU).

Vaude Novum 3D backpack features

What’s more interesting is that each component of this 3D-printed backpack is completely removable and recyclable. Hence, it will be a major step from the brand towards a circular economy.

Future of sustainable products

Novum 3D backpack material

The backpack is not just a pioneering object in climate-friendly production for its recyclability. But also because of its local collaboration with Bavarian 3D printing expert OECHSLER.

Novum 3D Recyclable Backpack

The whole production process, including designing, production, and development has taken place in Germany. Even for its primary material, the firm has used only an undyed material that also decreases the chemical usage.

Novum 3D backpack breathable backpanel mesh

Overall, the Novum 3D is the perfect epitome of sustainable production. It is also the brand’s first step towards recyclable outdoor gear and accessories.

Side straps of Novum 3D backpack

Plus, it offers a new insight into creating more and more products using mono-materials.

Project status

For now, Vaude is planning to display the innovative Novum 3D backpack prototype at the 2022 OutDoor by ISPO in Munich this June. At the event, it is likely to draw a lot of attention and feedback.