About Us


OldnWise.com is a magazine by a group of positive thinkers who believe in the power of positive news and the way it drives humankind toward progress. When the entire media is busy emphasizing doom and gloom, OldnWise.com is devoted to collecting and publishing good things happening around us because people are increasingly saying they’re switching off from news as it uses fear and sensationalism to draw attention to stories.

We advocate ‘constructive journalism’ – which is about journalism focused on progressive approach, possibilities, and resolutions rather than “if it bleeds, it leads” approach. However, it doesn’t mean that we are ignoring facts and problems, or taking an uncritical look at the world. It’s about showing a more accurate picture of the world including the good and the bad in the right context.

Every day, we report news from every corner of the world that foster optimistic thinking about the future.

As a magazine and community, we are changing the news for good.