Form Camper An Expandable RV Attachable To Tesla's Cybertruck

Form Camper For Tesla Cybertruck Turns It Into A Micro RV

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California startup FORM has lately unveiled an interesting camper for the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck, as well as other truck models. While the FORM Camper seems to be designed particularly for the most-awaited Cybertruck, it’s compatible even with Ford F-150 pickup and other pickups or trucks. It makes use of a rectangular box’s shape that’s ideal to fit in any truck bed.

FORM—A detachable camper for Tesla Cybertruck

On being deployed from the truck’s bed, the camper gets fully expanded via its electric actuation system. There is a small portion of this camper that stays within the truck’s bed to have a proper sleeping area.

Form camper getting detached from Cybertruck

Plus, the rest of the camper is extended off the truck’s rear to create a room on the ground level. There is also a hard roof covering the entire space within the camper.

Form camper attached to a truck
Image: Form Camper

When it’s deployed, this camper has around 71-square-feet of floor space inside. This space enables users to go in and come out of the camper as they desire. The camper also comes with two nylon ripstop canopies that are deployed from either side, offering you a protected outdoor space. If the truck owner wants to use the pickup for any other purpose, this camper can be utilized as a standalone unit.

Form camper with Tesla Cybertruck in a forest
Image: Form Camper

As per the manufacturer, the whole setup of this camper takes just five minutes for the entire setup. The double bed can easily fit into the pickup bed. Plus, the users have to slide out the sink and kitchen cooktop as required.

Form camper attached to Tesla Cybertruck
Image: Form Camper

The kitchen area has a separate refrigerator/freezer unit along with cabinets and drawers for proper storage. One more interesting feature of this camper is that it has bidirectional slides, as well as double-sided cabinets for indoor and outdoor use of the kitchen.

Form camper kitchen space
Image: Form Camper

Even a cushioned bench is also at the rear wall of this enclosure for maximum comfort. This bench is removable and functions as a wet bath with a portable toilet, privacy door, and wall-mounted shower.

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FORM camper specs

Form camper can run completely off battery power with the battery pack from an EV, like Cybertruck or F-150 Lightning, or using a 300-Ah deep-cycle lithium-ion battery. Nonetheless, to extend its battery life, this camper comes with a rooftop 400-watt solar charging system. The camper can even store around 189 liters of water under the bed. It even comes integrated with a reverse-osmosis system for purifying water from rivers and lakes.

Form camper kitchen space bathroom shower
Image: Form Camper

This camper is built with an aluminum honeycomb crammed between carbon fiber. It’s approx. dry weight is around 1000 pounds, and it weighs around 1300 pounds when filled with water. It will come in a single size that measures around 9.8 x 4.4 x 3.4-feet when it’s compressed in the box shape.

Form camper living room
Image: Form Camper

It can easily fit into any truck bed that ranges between 5.5 and eight feet long. Nonetheless, it works best with short truck beds but needs a proper hitch-mounted support arm for proper stabilization at the time of expansion. However, it won’t work with Rivian R1T, as the truck comes with a short 4.5-footbed.

Features of FORM camper

  • Indoor & outdoor kitchen for true camping experience.
  • Spacious and comfy — 195 sq. feet of space.
  • Lightweight. It has a dry weight of 1000 lbs or 453.5 kg.
  • Compatible with other pickup trucks like F150, Cybertruck and Silverado.
  • Fully detachable — camp in woods while you wait for your parter to arrive in Cybertruck.
  • Get off the grid with 400 watts of solar panel (attached on the FORM camper roof) power.
  • Carbon fiber shell
  • 100 gallons (454.61 litres) of water usage with 50 gallons (227.3 litres) of storage. Once you use the stored 50 gallons of water, it gets filtered and RO purified, and becomes reusable again.
  • Class-leading appliances, furniture and cookwares.

When you can expect the delivery of FORM camper?

The company is planning to complete its second prototype by the second quarter of 2022 but its specifications and features may change during the production process.

Its production has started, and the company will start to ship in second half of 2022 with 500 units of a limited run. Its pricing is expected to be somewhat around $69,500. But if anyone puts down a $10,000 deposit, they will get it for $49,500, and it’ll be offered in quantities of only 25 units.