Romanian Florist Sets World Record with a Dress Made of 5,000 Snowdrops

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According to the World Record Academy, Nicu Bocancea, a top international master florist from Romania, has set a new world record by creating the world’s first dress made entirely of snowdrops. Made from more than 5,000 snowdrop flowers, this dress was created on the special occasion of International Women’s Day, March 8.

Ioana Blaj wearing snowdrop flowers dress
Image: Nicu Bocancea

Bocancea explained that he made this dress in six hours. He first built a support dress using several threads and other elements that were braided together carefully. He wanted to ensure that the dress had the flexibility to be easily worn, as well as to enable floral inserts later on. After building a flexible support dress, Romanian actress Ioana Blaj put on construction and added thousands of snowdrop flowers.

It was a real challenge to do this project with Nicu Bocancea and I am very happy that we managed to complete it. It was an incredible job for 6 hours straight. Three people built this dress from scratch. In these 6 hours I really understood the phrase “behind a strong man there is always a woman”. In this case, I was behind a creative man and I believed in his talent and passion. What I want to emphasize is that we women have the power to do incredible things, we must first believe in ourselves, in our strengths, in the gifts we have received and pass them on through support, understanding, kindness, stability and vulnerability. Today is a good time to think of us with empathy and confidence and to celebrate! Happy birthday, women! — Ioana Blaj

Ioana Blaj wearing Nicu's snowdrop flowers dress
Image: Nicu Bocancea

The designer also thanked the actress for her great patience, which helped him a lot to create the manifesto on her body. The dress took its elegant shape after 5 to 6 hours of intense work with these delicate spring flowers.

“I am grateful to her for the patience with which she allowed us to work the manifesto directly on her body. Snowdrop with snowdrop, the fragrant and tender dress took shape after 5-6 hours of intense work with the most fragile, but charming exhibits of spring” — Nicu Bocancea

When asked about his inspiration for creating this unique dress, Bocancea mentioned that whenever words fail to express, flowers are there to “say” things more beautifully. With the 5,000 snowdrop dress on Ioana Blaj, the designer wanted to express his gratitude and affection for all the ladies on International Women’s Day.

“This time, I set out to express through flowers the delicacy, femininity, grace, sensitivity, but also the strength of the women in our lives, whether they are mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, friends or daughters. I chose the snowdrop because it is not just a flower, it is the symbol of the maximum tenderness that I compare with my mother, but also with the firstborn, because it is the first to appear in nature after a hard winter. — Nicu Bocancea

In its delicacy hides the huge force to fight with low temperatures, with snow blankets, with severe winters. The weaker it is, the stronger it is, just like the ladies in our lives. ”, explains Nicu Bocancea

Nicu Bocancea's snowdrop flower dress
Image: Nicu Bocancea

It’s so surreal to see a dress that seems to have grown naturally out of plants. We must say that Bocancea has such an incredible ability to use flowers in such a wonderful way. What do you think about this dress that’s made from real flowers?

Image: Nicu Bocancea