Sadler Aims Maximum Portability With Its Foldable Electric Bike

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Sadler foldable electric bike by Gianluca Sada is the A’ Design Award winner in Vehicle, Mobility, and Transportation Design Category, 2020 – 2021. Sadler bike is hubless with an innovative design that pushes its limits by folding for maximum portability – to the size of an umbrella. This means it can be folded and packed in a regular backpack.

Sadler foldable bike design

The Sadler Bike has the dimension of a standard bike with 26-inch wheels, which are fixed to the frame via the anchoring system. This complete structure is easy to fold with a single movement. The design focuses on space-saving design.

Folded Sadler Electric Bike
Image: Sadler
Sadler Foldable Electric Bike
Image: Sadler

Unlike many bikes that get strength from the tensions created by the spokes, the Sadler bike’s strength is put into the rim.

Folded Sadler Electric Bike chain wheel
Image: Sadler

Plus, its double chain mechanism lets the bike’s system multiply the pedal thrust by 1 to 4 for matching the traditional bicycle run.

Sadler portable bike design inspiration

Sadler Foldable Electric Bike saddle
Image: Sadler

Sadler wanted to create a new mobility system that integrates a broad range of transportation systems while respecting the environment. He was inspired by the versatility and simplicity of the traditional bicycle.

Sadler Foldable bike handlebar
Image: Sadler

With the desire to embrace sustainability and maximum portability, he came up with this space-saving bike.

Sadler foldable bike manufacturing tech

Sadler bike is made with a carbon fiber frame and finishes with an epoxy resin system. The base body boasts anodized hoops, aeronautical aluminum alloy, tube handle, carter in carbon fiber with real-wood profiles, and ergonomic seat in handcrafted Italian leather.

Sadler Foldable Bike crossbar
Image: Sadler

This foldable bike has an electric engine integrated with a drive hub and three gear shifts on the pedal shaft. Plus, its battery level can be monitored via a Bluetooth app.

Sadler Foldable Electric Bike features
Image: Sadler

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