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Eco-friendly Rolling Straw Aims to Reduce Plastic Pollution

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With the increasing demand for more sustainable and eco-friendly straws, many designers and companies are coming up with paper-based, eco-friendly, or reusable metal and paper straws. Another initiative by Mainetti, a Hong Kong-based firm pioneering hanger recycling since 1960s is the rolling straw.

Problem with plastic straws

There are so many problems associated with plastic straws, such as:

Plastic straws are non-biodegradable – Since plastic straws are made from non-biodegradable polypropylene, these straws are dangerous for the environment. When these plastic straws end up in landfills, bacteria and small microorganisms cannot break them by consuming them. This means that they will continue to pollute the planet even for over 200 years.

Plastic straws are hard to recycle: As plastic straws are non-biodegradable, they are very difficult to recycle. Due to this, these straws are likely to stay in the landfill polluting the plant for many years.

Plastic straws also pollute waterways and oceans – It has been estimated that over 8 million tons of plastic go into oceans every year. And, plastic straws are a major part of this plastic pollution.

Solution – Paper-based biodegradable rolling straw

To solve the problem of plastic pollution, many companies are making biodegradable paper straws. Even rolling straw is one great initiative to reduce plastic pollution. Unlike a stick-like plastic or paper straw, this rolling drinking straw design comes in a rolled pack. Made from paper and packed with twine – all biodegradable materials – this drinking straw seeks to reduce plastic pollution to some extent.

Mainetti rolling straw
Image: Mainetti

For avoiding the unwanted waste of materials and inconvenient usage in drinking, users could choose the length of this straw as per their own needs. After determining the length of the straw they need, users can simply tear or cut it for use.

iF Design Award 2021 Winner

Mainetti rolling straw dipped in glasses
Image: Mainetti

The appearance of this paper straw is very raw and unfinished, reflecting the environmentally conscious nature of this product. Due to its minimal design but the eco-friendly approach, Mainetti’s Rolling Straw has been awarded the iF Design Award 2021 in Professional Concept Category.

Rolling Straw Drinking straw by Mainetti
Image: Mainetti