Lei Non-Electric Aroma Diffuser Use Candle Heat To Spread Aroma

Lei Non-Electric Aroma Diffuser Gets Powered By Candle Heat

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Recently, we came across Lei aroma diffuser that lets you enjoy room fragrances without electricity consumption. This particular aroma diffuser uses the ‘Seeback effect,’ which is a unique phenomenon where electricity is generated by two joining of distinct conductors and a temperature difference is created between them by applying heat.

Girl reading book in a room scented by Lei aroma diffuser
Image: Lei

The innovative diffuser is the creation of Tokyo-based design firm SOL Style. It is further produced by the Japanese maker of home appliances, Antbee. Using a small tea light or candle, users can easily get this diffuser going. As the aroma diffuser gets energy from the heat source, it volatilizes the essential oil for creating a perfect aromatic atmosphere.

Placing a candle into Lei aroma diffuser glass cover
Image: Lei

Lei refers to “zero” in Japanese, and this name encompasses its minimalist design that’s totally self-sufficient. Made with recyclable materials, such as glass and aluminum, this cordless diffuser is perfect to bring solitary calmness and emotion to any room.

Lei non-electric aroma diffuser

To make it work, you need to drop the desired aromatic oil into the tray, which is easy to refill and clean. After that, you got to light the candle and put it in a holder.

Lighting the candle
Image: Lei


The heat generated from the lit candle further generates energy that powers the small fan. There is a single blade that spins as the fan works. This is how it creates a gentle breeze to enable fragrance to permeate any room.

Minimal use of aromatic oils

To minimize consumption, this diffuser uses gentle heat that preserves aroma quality, unlike products that overheat oils. Moreover, its sturdy steel platform prevents Lei from tipping over.

Lighted candle inside Lei aroma diffuser glass cover
Image: Lei

Plus, its glass dome protects you and nearby objects from the naked flame. There is also an optimal gap atop the dome to enable oxygen to let the flame stay ignited, while the single blade enables proper heat dissipation.

Winner of Red Dot Design Award

Lei aroma diffuser
Image: Lei

This non-electric aroma diffuser aims to redefine home appliances with a product that enhances special moments alone or with family or friends. All thanks to its unique operation, this aroma diffuser even won the Red Dot Design Award 2021.

Lei aroma diffuser features and price

The aroma diffuser features:

  • Cordless mobility
  • Low maintenance
  • Minimalistic design
  • Recycled materials

You can purchase this non-electric aroma diffuser online for 24,900 JPY (about US $220) from the company’s official website.