Kapl Creates World’s First All-Wood Baseball Cap

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Kapl, a South Tyrolean wooden hat manufacturer, has created the world’s first all-wood baseball cap. Handmade from cherry and walnut wood, this stylish accessory boasts a classic design. But it’s made with an unexpected material to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Cherry and walnut wood baseball cap

Kapl wood cap side view
Image: Kapl

Made using cherry and walnut wood, this wooden cap is ultra-flexible and very light like a feather. According to the manufacturer, this one-of-a-kind cap is for those who like to think with their own head — not what others think. Created in the Dolomites, where things are often done differently, each cap has been handcrafted using high-quality South Tyrolean wood.

Features of Kapl wooden baseball cap

  • Handmade in the Dolomites, Italy
  • First and only laser engraved all-wood baseball cap
  • 3D assembled wooden cap
  • Laser-engraved proprietary mesh optic design for flexibility
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Hand-assembled 29 different parts

Award-winning design

Kapl Bigsee Wooddesign award winner
Image: Kapl

Due to its unique design and fine craftsmanship, Kapl all-wood cap has won the Bigsee WoodDesign Award 2021.

Handcrafting the all-wood cap

Hand-assembled 29 different pieces and styles in one design, this cap is a result of exquisite craftsmanship that has gone into making this all-wood baseball cap. This all-wood cap consists of 29 different parts, and all are hand-assembled to ensure a perfect fit.

Kapl wood baseball caps
Image: Kapl

The cap’s unique mesh optic design, however, is laser-engraved on the wood. Later, the inner section is covered with soft synthetic leather to offer the utmost comfort. The eyelets are also fitted into the cap to offer perfect breathability. So, you will always feel the coolness in your head.

Kapl wooden baseball caps backstrap
Image: Kapl

Due to its unexpected design, this cap is a perfect accessory for people who love custom hats and unique style.