Corvin Bamboo Carry-On Blends Utility With Beauty & Design

Corvin Carry-On Blends Function Beauty & Minimalist Design

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Have you ever wished to own a minimalist but stylish carry-on? If so, you got to check out the innovative Corvin Carry-On designed by French product designer Thibault Moussanet. This new carry-on is influenced by the Golden era of travel, when suitcases told a story with their beautiful and stylish design.

Aesthetics meets functionality in Corvin bamboo carry-on

In today’s busy times when there are abundant functional things around us but still the ordinary suitcases, the makers wanted to create something beyond a box on wheels.  So, no one would now want to hide them under the bed. Since the makers wanted to offer users an experience, they used bamboo and aluminum to blend aesthetics and functionality to form an iconic design.

Corvin bamboo carry-on
Image: Corvin / Behance

There are three most significant attributes of this carry-on: its volume, weight, and robustness. And the manufacturing challenges were optimized with the use of bamboo, nature’s wondrous natural resource. Furthermore, the unit contains an aluminum chassis that makes it a tough suitcase, like a hard shell. However, it still boasts a look of a designer piece.

Furthermore, bamboo provides it with a unique combination of flexibility, weight, and strength. This is a unique material that has only half of its weight and is quite sturdy. Hence, it remains protected against scratches. Not just an impressive body, the carry-on has a practical handle too.

Corvin bamboo suitcase
Image: Corvin / Behance

Since Thibault wanted to make the handle of this suitcase its central element, he designed to deliver three functions. The Corvin handle is designed to provide a single mechanism for lifting, pulling, and opening your suitcase. It means this handle serves as the suitcase’s major control center and a secret to its unique design.

Here is a video to catch this Corvin Carry-On in action: