You Can Pre-Order Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Now!

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Xbox fans, rejoice! Microsoft is accepting pre-orders for Xbox Series X mini fridge now. Back in April this year, Microsoft announced that the company will come up with its replica of Xbox Series X in the form of a mini-fridge. Even in June, there were speculations of the release of this Xbox Series X-inspired mini-fridge. But now, this compact refrigerator is finally here.

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

This mini fridge — which mirrors the Xbox Series X gaming console in design — reportedly holds around 10 cans of the beverages of your choice. It even features two shelves in the door for keeping snacks.

Xbox Mini Fridge

Furthermore, there is a USB port for charging devices and the fridge comes with a DC power adapter. All thanks to this power adapter, your compact refrigerator can even work on the go.

Pre-order the mini-fridge now

The orders for the Xbox mini-fridge have started from October 19 and the product will roll out in the market in December 2021.

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge USB charging port

The mini-fridge is exclusively available at Target (it is currently sold out) for US and Canada Xbox fans. In the UK, you can look for it at GAME.

Half opened Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

In the rest of Europe, Micromania, Game Stop EU, and Toynk are the only retailers taking pre-orders for this mini-fridge.

Price of Xbox mini-fridge

In the UK, the mini-fridge costs £89.99. In Europe, you have to spend around €99 on it. And in the USA, it retails at $99.99. Basically, you need around a hundred bucks to get this mini-fridge.