Clockwork Robot Manicures Nails With Millimeter Level Accuracy

Clockwork Machine Manicures Nails With Millimeter Level Accuracy

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Do you like to have a beautiful manicure but don’t have the time to sit at a salon for hours? No more waiting, all thanks to the world’s first robot manicure machine called Clockwork. Built by San Francisco-based computer science engineers Renuka Apte  (founder) and  Aaron Feldstein (co-founder), this robotic manicure system is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to paint your nails within just 10 minutes for $8.

Purple colored Clockwork manicure robot machine

Hence, it’s a great beauty robot that will attract many fashionistas out there.

What is Clockwork manicure robot?

A girl getting manicure done by Clockwork robot
Image: Clockwork

Clockwork is a perfect nail-painting robot for people who don’t have time to do their nails regularly. According to Apte, beauty services must not be limited to only those who have time and money. Therefore, she has come up with this device to make the manicure seamless, effortless, and affordable.

How does machine manicurist work?

All you need to do is put a nail polish of your choice into the cartridge machine. After that, place your fingers inside the machine. But put one finger at a time so that the nail paint is applied easily. This robot works like magic and also clicks the images of your hand with the integrated 3D cameras.

A girl using Clockwork manicure machine screen
Image: Clockwork

It also builds a multidimensional map of the user’s fingers. The collected information is sent to the AI to determine how this robot moves to put the polish in all the right places.

We felt beauty services should not be reserved for only those who have the time and money for it.

— Renuka Apte

To ensure the algorithm was very diverse as per different nail sizes, types, and colors, Clockwork’s team started simply by asking for pictures of their family members’ and friends’ hands. Later, they invited people from Roman and Dropbox to try out the device.

Girl showing fingernails manicured by Clockwork machine
Image: Clockwork

To raise funds, the company asked investors to drop by their office to paint their nails. This gave the team detailed data to strengthen their algorithm.

However, one question that’s concerning many people in the industry is whether some jobs will be replaced with the installation of these new machines?

Mechanics of manicure robot

  • Manicures one fingernail at a time
  • Supports 25 colors of polishes from brands like OPI and L’Oréal
  • Paints your fingernails in less than 10 minutes
  • AI powered 3D cameras identify and scans edges of your nails with sub-millimeter level accuracy
  • Nozzle to squirts colors in circular fashion

Will Clockwork’s manicure machine affect nail artists?

Lady showing her nails manicured by Clockwork robot
Image: Clockwork

Well, according to the team at Clockwork, the robot with AI is not intended to take away any jobs from people in the nail-artistry industry. They believe that the AI system and the machine are likely to develop transparency and conscientious effort between the equipment and the service provider. So, there will be enough space for technology and people to co-exist.

Our AI can identify edges within sub-millimeter level accuracy. This is then sent to our sophisticated algorithms, which determine how the nozzle should move to deposit nail polish in the right places.

— Renuka Apte

The goal of this device is to offer affordable service to people who like to paint their nails often but generally don’t have enough time.

What manicure machine can’t do?

  • Multiple coating of polish
  • Nail cleaning, clipping, shaping, trimming, filing, and nail art

What Clockwork’s team aiming for?

Presently, Clockwork’s team is focusing on strengthening their algorithm to provide a high-quality and high-functioning system. There are already two robot manicures in San Francisco at their storefront, and one is in New York City’s Rockefeller Center ZO. lounge.

Giving command to Clockwork manicure robot
Image: Clockwork

The best part about this robotic manicure is that it costs less than $8. So, everyone can afford it, and that too without spending too much time at a salon.

The company is planning to install more of these robotic manicure devices in public places.