Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker by Christopher Stringer

Former Apple Designer Unveils World’s First Triphonic Speaker – Cell Alpha

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Audio startup Syng – helmed by veteran Apple designer Christopher Stringer – who worked on various iconic Apple products like HomePod and the original iPhone, has created a futuristic Death Star-shaped speaker.

Touted as the world’s first triphonic speaker, the Cell Alpha triphonic speaker comes integrated with emerging technologies such as sonic architecture and force-balanced configuration to enable you to spatialize the audio as per your room.

Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker Column
Image: Syng

Why is it called triphonic?

What stands out the most is the speaker’s striking design. Coming from the ex-Apple designer, you expect it to look amazing, and it surely does. The rounded speaker includes drivers surrounded by glass that allows you to view within the device.

Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker Top View
Image: Syng

Since you can see through the glass, this speaker includes two main woofers at the bottom and top. It also has three drivers that are distributed in the middle of the woofers. Therefore, it’s called “triphonic.”

Features of the Cell Alpha speaker

The Cell Alpha speaker mainly emphasizes its spatial audio properties. It means that the device has three microphones in its stand to measure the shape of a room surrounding the speaker. Measuring. These three drivers within the speakers can easily fill the whole room with sound in all directions for a perfect surround sound experience.

Cell Alpha Speaker Column
Image: Syng

According to Syng, the new speaker can precisely spatialize the sound of a room, as well as virtualize any speaker array. The users can manually control the sound placement via the companion app.

Christopher Stringer Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker
Image: Syng

For a better experience, the users can easily pair up to three Cell Alpha speakers. It will offer them even better sound coverage in a given room. So, they can enjoy the best expression of the triphonic audio.

Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker
Image: Syng

This new speaker system supports both Spotify Connect and AirPlay2 to stream any music of your choice. You can even use a USB-C cable for a physical connection. The company also said that it will soon launch a USB-C to HDMI cable for connecting the device to your TV. But if you already have this cable, it will work.

“Triphonic” audio – impressive but expensive!

The “triphonic” audio is surely very impressive and the next big thing in the industry. Syng has certainly done a great job at creating this advanced premium-quality speaker with spatial audio.


Inside Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker
Image: Syng

But you need to pay a high price to enjoy all these impressive features. Syng Cell Alpha speaker is priced at $1,799 with a table stand, which brings the speaker to 17.2-inches in height. If you prefer the speaker with a modular floor stand, you need to pay $1,969. The floor stand brings the speaker height up to 36.2 inches or 48.4 inches.

Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker
Image: Syng

However, to pay such a high price for a surround sound experience, you need to be a serious audiophile. If you are one, you can think of buying this futuristic speaker with an advanced spatial audio experience. Once you have placed the order, you can expect the Cell Alpha triphonic speaker to be shipped to your doorstep in 6-8 weeks.