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For generations, yoga has been regarded as a self-healing agency that helps to build strong mental and physical faculties. However, its role in our lives is far more than the health interest it serves.

In the modern stress-laden world, yoga can be a great tool to achieve a balanced perspective towards life. For couples, it can help in strengthening their bond, helping them to foster an understanding of their true selves.

The word ‘Yoga’ in Sanskrit means union of body and mind, and it is because of this very trait, this ancient healing practice is widely being adopted by couples to strengthen their relationships in a meaningful way. Not only does it promote complete healing of body and mind, but it is also a great way to spend your time as a couple in the most enjoyable manner.

Take a look at these yoga poses for couples if you are someone seeking to attain harmony in your relationship with your partner.

Easy partner yoga poses

It is easy to fall into relationship ruts. Even if you have a strong relationship with your partner, doing everything together from morning to evening can lead to monotony. So, adding something extra to your routine can help in reigniting the spark in your daily life. That “something” to bring spark in your relationship is—Yoga.

Child's pose in partner yoga
Image: omandthecityblog

Yes, that’s right! Couples’ yoga for beginners is a good start to make you feel connected to your body and mine, as well as to the body and mind of your partner. It is best to start with some easy yoga poses for partners. These may seem challenging to look at, but are amazing for beginners.

You don’t have to be a yoga expert for practicing this exercise routine. All you need to do is listen to your body and focus on the breathing technique. And, don’t forget to laugh while doing yoga with your partner for a better connection.

Here are some easy yoga poses for couples to try together:

Partner breathing

You have to remain seated for this pose. The legs must be crosses at shins or ankles, with backs resting against one another.

breathing yoga pose for couples
Image: updatepedia

Rest your hands on your knees or thighs and let yourself feel connected with your partner. Feel each breath as you inhale and exhale, particularly notice how the rib cage feels while breathing against your partner’s.

Also, breathe alternatively with your partner. It means as you inhale, she or he exhales; as he or she inhales, you have to exhale. Practice it for around five minutes. This is the most gentle way to feel connected with your partner and also helps your partner open the heart while breathing.

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Partner twist

Twist yoga position for partners
Image: corepoweryoga
  1. For this position, you have to start in a seated position with crossed legs. And, keep your backs against each other.
  2. Keep your hands on knees or things and enable yourself to feel connected with the partner.
  3. Inhale and keep arms overhead, lengthening the spine while reaching up.
  4. Exhale while twisting to the right. Also, bring your right hand to the inside of your partner’s left knee and the left hand to the outside of your right thigh or knee. Even your partner needs to mirror this move.
  5. Hold the pose for three to five breaths and then exhale while untwisting. After that, repeat it on the opposite side.
  6. The twists help in cleansing the body and assisting in the detoxifying process. It is also a fun way for initiating playfulness with a partner.

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Temple pose

Temple yoga pose for couples
Image: Lifehack
  1. Begin with facing each other while standing.
  2. Step feet in your hips and inhale. Now, extend arms overhead and start hinging forward at the hip level until your hands meet with your partner’s hands.
  3. Now, slowly start the forward fold by bringing elbows, hands, and forearms against each other.
  4. Rest equal weight against one another and release belly and chest towards the floor.
  5. Hold this pose for five to seven breaths and after that slowly walk toward one another while keeping the torso upright and releasing arms down.
  6. It will help you open up your chest and shoulders.

Twin trees

Twin tree partner yoga pose
Image: yogapedia
  1. Begin standing next to one another, facing the same direction.
  2. Stand feet apart while bringing palms toward each other by keeping arms in ‘T’ shape. Also, draw palms and elbows together in the shape of a cactus.
  3. Start shifting weight on the right foot and let your partner shift weight on their left foot.
  4. Draw the opposite leg in the pose of a tree by bending the knee and bringing the foot to the calf, ankle, or inner thigh of your standing leg.
  5. Hold this pose for five to seven breaths and release while turning around to face the opposite direction. And, repeat the pose on your opposite side.

Yoga Twin Tree Pose

Twin Tree pose proves beneficial in building a strong core and improves mental focus. It stretches your leg, arm and side muscles.

Two women in Yoga twin tree position
Image: Bustle
  • In this pose, you have to stand next to one another with your faces in the same direction.
  • Ensure there is about half a foot distance between both of you.
  • Stretch your inner arms and raise them to join the palms together above your heads.
  • Now raise your outer feet and rest them on the thigh of your other leg.
  • Try to balance your body in this position to strengthen your core.
  • Inhale and exhale for five minutes, and then release your arms and feet back to the standing position.

Seated Twist Pose

Seated twist pose is a good posture for beginners to be performed when they are seated on the ground. This pose tones and stretches back muscles and strengthens the spine.

A Couple in twist yoga pose
Image: Ryanandalex
  • In this posture, the couple sits back to back against one another with their legs bent and crossed one over the other.
  • Take a few deep breaths and stretch your arms in an outward direction and twist your upper body towards the right side and then towards the left side.
  • Remember to perform the moves in a rhythmic manner, one that blends with the moves of your partner.

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Tricky yoga poses for couples

Here are some difficult couple yoga poses for intermediate level yogis:

  1. One Arm High-Flying Whale Pose: Begin by holding your both legs with both arms. After that, try holding with just one. This difficult yoga pose is for partners who want to test their core strength and balance.
  2. Crow Pose: You can even challenge your upper body strength by trying this difficult yoga pose. While it may be tempting to turn your head to the side and kiss your partner, don’t try it. In many yoga poses, like a plow or camel pose, it is dangerous to turn your head to the side as it could twist your neck.
  3. Yoga Airplane Pose: When you’re comfortable with this airplane yoga pose, you need to let of each other’s hands and try to fly. If you are not quite there, so you need to keep practicing.
  4. Throne Pose: This pose is difficult to get into and out of, while easy to maintain. You can use a spotter for this position.

Standing Forward Bend Pose

double standing forward bend yoga position
Image: Yoga Curious

This is the most convenient pose to try when you are standing. It flexes leg and back muscles and strengthens your core. 

  • Stand with your back leaning against each other and your face in the opposite direction, so the back of your heads and upper backs are in direct contact with each other. 
  • Stretch both your arms outwards and raise them to the farthest point above your head. 
  • Focusing on your core muscles, bend forward and reach out with your arms to grab each other’s lower arm regions with both your hands. 
  • Hold for a couple of minutes, breathe in and out, and then slowly raise your body and arms upwards to return to the standing position. 
  • Repeat this four to five times in the beginning and increase the frequency up to eight or nine or whatever feels comfortable.

Downward Dog Pose

Downward Dog Pose is a bit challenging for beginners, but after a couple of yoga sessions, you’ll be able to hone your talent in acquiring and maintaining this position. This pose helps you tone and strengthen your back muscles and also gives leverage to your shoulders and knees. 

A couple in double down dog yoga position
Photo credit: Sheknows
  • Stand behind your partner with your feet a little apart and your faces in the same direction. 
  • There should be at least a meter long distance between you and your partner to comfortably fit into this pose. Bend forward in the direction of your partner, resting your body weight on your toes, and place your palms on the ground. 
  • Hold this position to let your partner bend forward in the same manner and align both his feet on your lower back. 
  • Move your shoulders and knees forwards and backward to stretch your body a little when you are in this position and take a couple of deep breaths. 
  • Your partner has to understand the rhythm of your body and move accordingly to fine-tune this posture. 
  • Wait a couple of seconds and then return to the standing position. 

Side To Side Triangle Pose

This posture helps align your spine with your neck and lower back region. It also strengthens your neck and arm muscles.

two girls in twisted triangle yoga pose - Yoga Poses For Couples
Photo credit: Yogarove
  • Stand with your back facing the back of your partner and both of your faces in the opposite directions. 
  • To maintain the continuum of this position, you both have to make the same moves at the same time. 
  • Relax any stiff muscles and place both your feet apart. 
  • Stretch both your arms towards your sides, raised up to the level of your shoulders. 
  • Lift your right arm up and lower your left arm without bending your knees until your left hand touches the ground and your right-hand touches the right hand of your partner standing behind you. 
  • Inhale and exhale for a few seconds while holding on to this position and then release. 

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Twisted Chair Pose

Twisted or revolved chair pose perfectly engages all those muscles in your body that cannot be flexed in routine exercises. The special focus of this posture is to make your knees and thigh muscles strong and less prone to injuries that might damage the delicate tissues supporting your knees.

Girls in twisted chair yoga pose - Yoga Poses For Couples
Image: Yogarove
  • Stand facing your partner with a meter-long distance between you and your partner. 
  • Now align yourself to the position that allows you to hold each other’s hands. 
  • Stretch your body and arms to loosen any stiff muscles in your body. 
  • Bend your knees, ensuring that your head, neck and back stay straight and parallel to your partner’s upper body. 
  • Now bring your arms in the outward direction and using your back and shoulder muscles turn towards your left side. 
  • While turning, grab your partner’s hand with your right hand as you do this side twist. 
  • Remember to keep your knees bent, back upright and arms straight as you align yourself into a twisted chair pose.
  • Inhale and exhale for a few seconds, and then release your arms and knees.

Seated Forward Back Bend Pose

This pose works to stimulate your back muscles, aligns your spine and neck together in the correct position to improve your posture, and builds strong shoulder muscles.

backbend partner yoga pose
Image: Shape Magazine
  • Sit cross-legged with your partner’s back leaning against your back and your faces in the opposite direction. 
  • Loosen your shoulder muscles, resting the back of your wrists over your knees. 
  • Take a couple of deep breaths and bend forward, placing your palms on the ground in front of your knees on either side. 
  • When you do this, your partner moves along to bend in a backward position with arms placed on either side with the back of fingers resting on the ground. 
  • Now slowly move backward, leaning against your partner’s back to make him move forward. 
  • Stay in this position for a while.
  • Keep repeating this for a few minutes, and then straighten up your back and arms. 

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Buddy Boat Pose

Buddy boat pose might take some practice for you to get into the right position. This pose is great to lift and strengthen your back leg muscles, such as your hamstrings and calf muscles. It also tones your abdominal muscles. 

Couple in boat yoga pose
Image: Meditationmag
  • Sit on a floor facing each other with your legs stretched out towards your partner. 
  • Slowly begin to lift your feet together upwards until they meet your partner’s feet to form a triangular shape. 
  • When you do this, hold your partner’s hands on either side of your legs for support, and both your legs between your arms lifted together. 
  • Relax by taking deep breaths and slowly lower your legs and release your arms towards your sides.

Camel Pose

This pose requires very little sophistication and lets your body adhere to all the moves needed to attain it easily. This exercise helps to flex muscles on your thighs, abdomen, ribcage, chest, and shoulders.

Camel yoga poses for partner
Image: Thehealthsite
  • Kneel down facing your partner with your neck and back in an upright position. 
  • Raise both your arms upright over your heads. 
  • Now gently begin to move your arms, neck, and back backward and get hold of your feet resting against the floor behind you with your hands. Inhale as you both bend backward. 
  • Take a few deep breaths and then release your arms and back to get back to the kneeling position. 
  • Repeat this exercise four to five times. Increase the frequency depending on your comfort level.

Reverse Warrior Heart Pose

Reverse Warrior Heart Couple Pose
Image: Lifehack

This Couple pose is the cutest form of exercise, which you must click and upload on Instagram to show your love for yoga and the intimacy it brings into play. It aims to strengthen your knees, legs, sides, back, and arm muscles.

  • Stand back to back with your partner and your faces in opposite directions. 
  • Place both your feet a little apart and lift your left foot and bring it forward to rest in front of your other foot, bending your left knee while keeping your right leg straight. 
  • At the same time, place your right foot behind you, so it meets the back of your partner’s right foot. 
  • You have to align yourself by standing in the right position so both you and your partner’s right feet are placed against each other. 
  • Raise your right arms together with each other and bend them backward, stretching your right rib cages to reach out backward and grab hold of each other’s hands, forming the shape of a heart. 
  • Keep your neck straight and head tilted backward to make it easier for you to grab hold of each other.

As you fall into the rhythm of all these postures, you can try new postures and challenge yourselves to create a couple yoga art to show to the world the real significance of yoga in fostering great relationships!

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