Taking ECG & Monitoring Vital Signs with Withings Body Scan

Withings Body Scan Scale Measures ECG, Body Composition & More

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Today’s smart bathroom scales are intended to tell you more than just your weight. Even Withings Body Scan, debuted at CES 2022, promises to offer you something that a normal scale cannot.

Withings body scan
Image: Withings

According to the company, this new body scan scale can take an ECG /EKG, keeps a tab on your nerve activity, and also measures your segmental body composition. The device is presently seeking FDA clearance and is aiming for a release in the second half of 2022.

Withings’ smart body scan scale

Determine segmental body composition with Withings body scan
Image: Withings

The Body Scan scale comes with various cool features. It comes integrated with weight sensors that offer accurate weight with precision of 50 grams.

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Withings smart body scan scale
Image: Withings

It even includes 14 ITO electrodes inside its platform, as well as four stainless steel electrodes in its retractable handle.

ECG scanning with Withings smart body scan
Image: Withings

All these electrodes and sensors together collect your vital health biomarkers for determining the detailed segmental body composition and six-lead ECG analysis.

Monitoring heart health with Withings body scan
Image: Withings

Besides that, the smart scale can measure your visceral fat, water percentage, muscle, and bone mass. It also promises to offer you better granular readings for individual body parts, such as the arms, torso, and legs.

Nerve activity assessment with Withings body scan
Image: Withings

It even offers sweat gland measurement in the feet to let the Body Scan track your small nerve activity.

Standout features

Body fat measurement with Withings body scan
Image: Withings
  • Determine your body composition (fat, bones, water, and muscle mass)
  • Weight precision 50 grams
  • Check nerve activity and heart rhythm
  • 6-lead ECG
  • 4 weight sensors and 14 ITP electrodes
  • Arrhythmia detection with ECG / EKG
  • Share ECG measurement and other health biomarkers with your doctor by Withings Android/iOS App
Tracking weight loss with Withings smart body scan
Image: Withings

This smart scale even includes a 3.2-inch color display to show you all the accurate data. Furthermore, the device also comes with a companion Withings App that’s suitable for both iOS and Android systems. It means that you get your health data on your smartphone and share it with your doctor for the detailed analysis.

Health biomarkers sharing with Withings app
Image: Withings

At-home health management

The future of at-home smart healthcare tech (and Withings’ body scan device) looks promising as the trend of at-home health management has grown exponentially in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic.

Health biomarkers showing on Withings app
Image: Withings

Early detection of heart-health biomarkers like irregular heart beat pattern (arrhythmia) can prevent serious heart complications like stroke.  On average, about 600 thousand people (1 in every 4 deaths) die in the US from heart disease each year.

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Body scan market launch and price

The consumer price and launch date of Withings Body Scan has not been revealed yet. The French healthcare tech has mentioned an estimated price of $299.95 / €299.95 on its website.

Moreover, we’re also interested to know whether Body Scan makes it through the FDA approval process.