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Yoga is a form of workout that focuses on improving the physical, mental, and spiritual levels (through Asanas, Pranayam and Dhayan) of our body. This exercise includes breathing techniques (Pranayam), movement (Asanas), and meditation (Dhayan).

The overall purpose of this form of exercise is to improve your flexibility, endurance, strength, stillness of mind, and overall health. It’s considered best to practice yoga with the help of a professional and experienced practitioner. But what if you don’t have the budget, or you are not comfortable exercising in the presence of someone around you?

In that case, you need the help of a professional yoga program called Yoga Burn. This is a 12-week exercise and fitness program that works like a certified virtual yoga instructor, especially for women. Moreover, it helps you do the exercise without stepping out of your house. You get a complete digital program to guide you at each step you take.

Meanwhile, you have to follow an easy and fun, uplifting rhythm for getting used to the exercises with ease. Gradually, you will pick up the right speed, slowly graduating you towards a healthy lifestyle.

The major purpose of this program is to work as a booster for your metabolism. Plus, it helps you burn calories, improve the physical state of your body, lose excess weight, and outline your body’s figure. It also helps in reducing stress, boosting cognitive abilities, and easing chronic pain.

Thanks to Yoga Burn, you can easily start practicing daily yoga despite your current skill level. It means that even a beginner can benefit from it without the need of an actual instructor. Not just women, this program is also great for men to change their lifestyle for good. For more details and in-depth information, check out the review of Yoga Burn below.

What is Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn is an exclusive home workout program, which is specifically curated to help women lose weight, improve their flexibility, and tone their muscles. It’s designed in a progressive way to enable individuals to build up their flexibility and strength with easy yoga poses. This 12-week program works slowly by helping you develop the strength to be in a yoga pose naturally. By the end of this course, many individuals have observed greater strength, lost weight, and more toned bodies than when they initially began exercising.

Product NameYoga Teaching For Women For Weight Loss
PurposeWeight Loss
FeaturesEasy-to-follow videos
No embarrassing gym visits
No expensive, bulky equipment
A stronger body
A calmer mind and less stress
Program Duration12 Week Yoga Challenge
BenefitsBeginner-Friendly weight loss regime
Improve strength
Back pain relief
Improve heart health
Better Sleep
Community support
DownsidesSome challenges in making the program link work
No live instructor to help you
12 weeks of regular exercise for weight loss

Yoga Burn weight loss program

Yoga Burn follows a dynamic sequencing approach for the repetition of yoga classes. It further helps individuals to build up their strength while slowly guiding them through various phases of this course. Once you get used to it, you won’t even realize how quickly you will get to the intermediate or advanced level.

Yoga Burn reviews and customer feedback

Just like all fitness programs, this 12-week Yoga Burn program also comes with its own sets of pros and cons – as per the users. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of this program according to various users. Carefully read them to make a well-informed decision about the purchase of this product.

Core & Booty Challenge – Jennifer Marchman, US

I use the digital version of the Core Challenge and the Booty Challenge. I love them both. It was a bit of a challenge to purchase, but when I contacted a real person, they were very friendly and helpful in making sure I received the product I wanted. This is really the first program that has made a difference in my body.

Great Workouts & Yoga Practices – Sue P, UK

I have all the Yoga Burn programmes and love them. I like that the workouts are 15 minutes long and you can do as many rounds as you have the time and energy to spare. You can also mix and match the programmes and Zoe and the team have great calendars to send you. The Yoga Burn Monthly is different because each practice is roughly 30 minutes. I highly recommend the Yoga Burn programmes.

I love yoga burn – Tina Wyatt, UK

I love yoga burn. I have total body challenge and booty challenge. Have results after 3 weeks. I tried some of the Yoga Burn Renew supplements and they are terrible. 3 nights of unsettled sleep and felt lethargic the next day. I tried a half dose but the result was very similar. A little sublingual melatonin (a small bite of a 5mg lozenge) works so much better for me and I have refreshing sleep. I am retuning the Renew for a refund.

Yoga burn will change your life, and mindset – Danielle Harris, US

I own the monthlies, original, booty and trim core. I just recently got her subscription to inner circle. I absolutely adore the inner circle! There is so many bonuses, recipes, tips, and more. Because of Zoe my lifestyle has completely changed for the better. I have lost weight gained more flexibility, and changed my eating habits. I’ve never felt more accomplished than I do now.

I enjoy these workouts – Anita, US

I have ordered Yoga Burn and the Trim Core. I didn’t run into any of the payment issues referenced below. If you’re reasonably fit, the workouts are on the easy side. But you do get to stretch and you will sweat a little. I do the videos on my “off” days – when I’m not on the treadmill. I would recommend to others.

Great program – Julie Stauffer, US

Great program.. bought tbc.. yoga has helped me alot with building core strength, overall muscle, balance, and flexibility. You do get daily emails..I just delete them. The recurring payment never happened for me. I just opted out everything they were trying to tack on as extra. Try it or just follow her on instagram. She puts out advice and routines all the time if your skeptical.

I love Zoe and her YogaBurn yoga… Jodi, US

I love Zoe and her YogaBurn yoga practices. I own all of them, the original YogaBurn (my favorite), Trim Core, The Total Body Challenge, Booty Challenge, and the monthlies (love these too). I’ve been doing the OYB and monthlies for awhile. I absolutely love them. Zoe is the sweetest and her FB site supports great community.

Why do you need Yoga Burn?

Experts have created Yoga Burn for assisting females to attain weight loss and a more toned body. It is a great workout plan not just to improve physical strength, but also to improve mental and spiritual health while keeping up with your goal to stay in shape.

In short, it offers you a natural way—without having any supplements, pills, or powders—to get in shape and stay healthy. Unlike gyms, Yoga Burn won’t even put a strain on your muscles with extra weights. It is because it does not need any weight lifting to get you in shape. In fact, it encourages you to use your body’s natural weight, such as arm weight, leg weight, etc. and stretching to tone your muscles.

This program is also a great option for pregnant women, as the workout mentioned in the course are ideal for all pregnancy stages. Besides that, the meditation technique in the program is quite helpful to recover women from their first post-natal months.

Not just for women, Yoga Burn is suitable for males as well to lose weight naturally. It helps in increasing muscle strength and improving stamina.

Overall, this course can substitute your grueling gym routine with comfortable exercises that are easy to perform at home. Hence, it’s best for those who don’t find enough time to go to the gym. Since this is a simple program to follow, you can easily schedule it in your daily routine and work out virtually anywhere— even in your office.

Features of Yoga Burn

Here are some important features of Yoga Burn:

At-home weight Loss

Going to the gym is not a big deal. But if you are not very confident or not comfortable exercising around others, a gym may feel like a nightmare. If you also feel the same, this program offers you simple at-home weight workouts to try in the comfort of your bedroom or living room.

Calmer mind

Do you know that practicing yoga each day may help you reduce stress and help you attain a calmer mind? Many people have observed themselves to be more energetic and happier after every session of the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge.

No bulky equipment

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on tons of workout equipment with the Yoga Burn program. It comes with a bunch of DVDs and a resistance strap—nothing else. So, you don’t have to make any extra space or empty an extra room in your house for equipment.

Easy-to-follow videos

Each video from the Yoga Burn program is very simple and easy to follow. Each pose has been explained well in a video to avoid unwanted sprains or strains. Your virtual instructor, Zoe Bray-Cotton, very well guides you through each step and pose.

Improved physical strength

Yoga postures help you use your own body weight to tone muscles. If you have ever tried a plank position for over 15 seconds, you may have realized how much muscle strength it needs to maintain a yoga posture.

How does it work?

The Yoga Burn program is more about dynamic sequencing, as it works on three phases of yoga workouts. The beginners have to start with the simple and easy level and then move to the next level over time. Moreover, you will also learn that dynamic sequencing makes you adapt to every challenging move you make. With this, your body can easily adapt to the routine without hassle.

With regular yoga exercise, you will have a perfect feminine body to make you feel and look better. The three phases of this program consist of various videos to guide you through a series of yoga moves. This results in improving vitality and getting into a leaner physique.

The best part is that you can easily perform yoga moves anytime, anywhere. Each video is of 45 minutes, and you have to complete three videos of 45 minutes in one week. Once all the videos are complete, you can start with the bonus video that concentrates on recharging motivation and improving your mental state.

How much weight can you lose with the help of Yoga Burn?

When trying to lose weight, you need to know that you don’t have to rush. You won’t ever get healthy weight loss results in only 1-2 weeks. Using Yoga Burn, you will begin to realize the gradual change in your body within a few weeks of starting this course. This is a 12-week program and after 12 weeks you will observe a lot of change in yourself.

Many women start observing positive results in their body shape even after the first phase. However, some may see the changes from the second phase. It is because each individual is different and so is their body metabolism. No user of Yoga Burn turn out to be sad and complaining that the program has not worked for him/her.

Finally, by the end of the third phase, you will find yourself where you wanted to be. Your weight loss goals will be within reach, provided you follow all the guidelines mentioned in the program. Besides the workout yoga sessions, you will have to make certain dietary changes too. If you are eating a healthy diet already, don’t change it.

But if you are more into fast foods like pizzas, noodles, sweets, etc., then you have to reduce it to only once a week – or, if you can, never eat any fast food again. After all, weight all not just about workouts, it also depends on a healthy diet.

What are the benefits of Yoga Burn?

Given below are some noteworthy benefits of following the Yoga Burn program:


One of the major benefits of Yoga Burn is that this course continuously challenges you to work on yourself. Meanwhile, it provides you with more advanced workouts than in the previous phases. So, it keeps challenging you to reap maximum benefits from the program.

Weight loss

This program helps you attain maximum weight loss and burn more calories while you start getting comfortable with the exercise.

Beginner friendly

Another major benefit of this program is that it’s designed to help everyone—be it a beginner or a professional. For beginners, this program starts with basic workout practices that are easy to learn overtime for a slim and healthy body.

Back pain relief

Are you suffering from back pain for a very long time? If so, practice Yoga Burn for relief. It helps you to learn some easy and basic body stretching techniques to alleviate the pain. It even helps you improve mobility if you have lower back issues. Even the American College of Physicians suggests practicing yoga as your first line of treatment for relieving chronic lower back pain.

Improves strength, flexibility, and balance

While practicing yoga burn postures with deep breathing and slow body movements, your blood flow increases within the blood vessels. This process also warms up the muscles while holding a specific pose that increases muscle strength. Meanwhile, you gain better flexibility and balance with each yoga posture.

Improve heart health

With the regular practice of Yoga Burn, you can reduce the body’s inflammation and stress levels. This further helps in improving heart health. The major reasons for the poor health of your heart are high blood pressure and obesity. But you can tackle both of these conditions with a regular practice of yoga.

Better sleep

When you regularly practice yoga, you are releasing negative energy, as well as releasing toxic and negative thoughts. Hence, your mind becomes more calm and free of stress. Besides this, regular yoga practice is even good for preparing your mind for a good night’s sleep. Hence, your sleep improves over time with regular Yoga Burn practice.

Community support

When you follow the Yoga Burn program, you get access to a larger community of like-minded people. Most women in this community share ideas and also clear their doubts together. Hence, you feel better community support while feeling that there are many people out there to support you. Furthermore, you can even share your workout achievements with your community to feel more confident about yourself.

How to follow Yoga Burn step by step?

Here are the different workout phases of Yoga Burn to follow step by step:

Phase 1: Foundational Flow

At the foundation level, you have to go with the flow to get an overview of the program. The first four weeks of the first phase will help you learn the basic foundation of the correct yoga-practicing routine. After that, you have to start working on the big muscle groups and your core.

The virtual instructor, Zoe Bray-Cotton, will further guide you on various postures, better focus, and a better mind-body connection. All the sequences are well-suited for beginner and advanced yoga students. Due to the step-by-step approach, you will not feel getting lost while learning the new techniques at any point. Over time, you will develop a proper pace while progressing to the next phases more naturally, safely, and effectively.

The instructor will also teach you about freehand yoga poses with proper maintenance of flow at various poses and videos to perfect your routine. Plus, the program is 100-percent risk-free. So, you don’t have to worry about unwanted injuries while performing different poses.

Phase 2: Transitional Flow

In this second phase, you will learn ways to practice phase one’s moves in a smooth flow. Once you ace the basic moves, you will start burning more calories while your heart rate follows an optimum rhythm. This phase also introduces various other moves to sculpt and tone your physique. For this, the video workouts are categorized as upper body lower body, and core workouts. Nonetheless, you will even learn ways to associate the poses together while concentrating on the current task.

If you keenly follow the second phase, you are likely to seek quick results in the tone of your muscles in the legs, hips, calves, thighs, etc. In simple words, yoga impacts various muscle groups at the same time. The program can be effective in providing a quick improvement in your overall endurance levels.

Phase 3: Mastery Flow

It is the final phase in which you will learn to combine everything you have learned in both previous phases. Furthermore, you can smoothly transition from one posture to another at this phase. Meanwhile, you have to encounter some complex moves as well.

This phase also helps you to speed up your body’s metabolism levels. Hence, it helps in conditioning you to easily surpass each challenge with a positive state of mind.

To ensure that the program doesn’t get boring for you, the final phase includes various interesting ways to keep things interesting. So, you will be more intrigued to learn more forms of exercise while getting used to the routine. In this phase, you will learn to perform an all-around workout in the shortest time frame possible.

As a result, this phase helps in re-energizing and reinvigorating your mind’s concentration level. Plus, it maximized the weight loss outcomes. Aside from that, your body will have better blood circulation, a leaner appearance, and reduced anxiety levels.

That’s how this yoga program works for improving your body’s overall health and fitness. But make sure to follow this program constantly to ensure positive health improvements.

Yoga Burn program price

We recommend you purchase this course only from the official website. It will ensure that you invest only in the original program. You can purchase the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge program for $37. This amount is quite less compared to a weight loss program in specific weight loss centers, where you are required to pay somewhere around $200-$500 to reduce your weight.

With this program, you will reap the benefits of yoga according to your choice and comfort level. The best part is that the aforementioned fee is for this entire program. It means you will be paying for the physical DVDs along with the digital program without any extra fees.

However, there is also a second option to purchase two copies of the combination program for $57. You can buy this combo offer for a family member or a friend who is also interested in joining this program. With the combo offer, you get to save $9 each.

Is shipping available?

Yes, worldwide shipping is available for this program. So, you can order it from any corner of the world. Besides that, Zoe even offers you 100-percent money-back guarantee on this course. If you are not happy or satisfied with this course, or have not attained the desired results, you can request for a refund. In this case, you will get a full refund without asking any questions.

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Pros of Yoga Burn

Given below is the list of pros that you need to know before investing your money and time in the Yoga Burn program.

  • The Yoga Burn program is slow to ensure that even beginners can easily cope with it. In between the poses and unique phrasing, the program helps you learn various ways to strengthen and control the core.
  • With the Yoga Burn course, you don’t have to stress over going to a gym, learning to use special equipment, or paying any gym membership fee. This whole practice can easily take place on an inexpensive yoga mat. After all, this program is curated for home workouts. So, you can start your fitness journey in any environment you like.
  • The Yoga Burn program does not require any special practice, qualification, or experience to start with yoga. Hence, it is great for anyone who wants to lose weight, stay fit, increase flexibility, and tone muscles.
  • Compared to expensive gym memberships, the Yoga Burn program is significantly budget-friendly. So, many individuals can indulge in it from their homes themselves.
  • You can even get this Yoga Burn program customized as per your preference. So, you can increase or decrease the program’s duration along with the length of each lesson for a specific individual. You may even progress as slowly or as quickly as you want to go with the phases. It depends on your individual needs, body condition, and lifestyle.
  • With the digital copies of this program, you can play it anywhere you want in your home. So, you can work out in a private space and move the yoga practice into a living room to enable everyone in the house to give it a try.
  • Since yoga is a slow form of exercise, it is quite easy on the joints. It’s designed specifically to improve your body strength progressively. It makes this program a safe home-based workout course that helps in reducing the overall risk of injuries during your fitness journey.
  • Since yoga is a slow form of exercise, it is quite easy on the joints. It’s designed specifically to improve your body strength progressively. It makes this program a safe home-based workout course that helps in reducing the overall risk of injuries during your fitness journey.
  • Since yoga is a slow form of exercise, it is quite easy on the joints. It’s designed specifically to improve your body strength progressively. It makes this program a safe home-based workout course that helps in reducing the overall risk of injuries during your fitness journey.
  • Yoga Burn offers you a simple fitness system that doesn’t only dictate the way to work out but also what you should eat. You may even customize your meal plan to quickly work on weight loss. It enables you to get more dynamic results from the program as per your lifestyle and requirements.
  • Being a professional yoga instructor for over 10 years, Zoe Bray-Cotton has carefully designed this progressive program. It is very easy to follow with clear explanations of each yoga posture. Hence, it will provide you with the desired results.


You also need to carefully review the given list of cons to understand the drawbacks of the Yoga Burn program. These cons may be the real deal-breakers for you, so check them out:

  • The Yoga Burn system is not intended to offer an automatic way to weight loss or something you can put in just half of your efforts. This is a progressive workout course that needs to be followed properly for at least 12 weeks if you want to get the best results. However, you may attain the results sooner or later than twelve weeks. But for that, you need to be consistent while following the program.
  • The Yoga Burn course is carefully designed for beginners and also those with no yoga experience before. If you are an advanced yoga practitioner or have a strong fitness history, this program is not the best choice for you. It is because it won’t be as challenging for you as you want it to be. So, you won’t see big improvements with this course in your fitness level.
  • Each 45-minute video comes with a distinct set of poses for the whole time. Each video has a 15-minute course that you have to repeat three times. So, repetition is vital to this program. But if you like 45-minutes of completely new workouts, this program may not be a good choice for you.

How Does Yoga Burn Work?

As mentioned before, this program makes use of unique and dynamic yoga sequencing for body training. When you practice each move, you progress from beginner-based poses to advanced yoga poses while burning calories and toning muscles. This program comes with three phases that work constantly to keep your mind engaged. Meanwhile, your body adapts to the gradual yoga poses during each phase while helping you lose weight and keep your body toned.

Who Is Yoga Burn Intended For?

This program is intended for those who are interested in losing weight, building up flexibility, and tone muscles. It’s also great for those who are not interested in spending long hours in the gym lifting heavy weights and equipment.

This special yoga program helps in revitalizing the home workouts while fitting in with your daily routine. So, you don’t have to stick to a fixed routine, like going to a gym at a specific time. You can practice it anytime, anywhere as per your preference. It simply means you can follow the given video instructions for a workout whenever you feel like it.

Can You Do Yoga Burn While Pregnant?

Yes, you can follow the Yoga Burn program even when you are pregnant. Each video in the course comes with a list of various modifications. So, you can conveniently follow the workouts that you are comfortable with during your pregnancy stages.

Furthermore, Yoga Burn can help you get back in shape while beginning to regain your strength and flexibility after delivering a baby. Since you can practice it at home, you don’t need a real instructor to visit your home to help you with exercises during pregnancy.

When Can I See Results From Yoga Burn?

Just like any other fitness course, Yoga Burn will show you the desired results as per individual and various other factors, like genetics, diet, and other workouts you need to follow during the three phases. With the help of this specific program, you can get the results in less amount of time.

Some individuals have observed the results within just a month or two. Besides that, you may even notice an improvement in flexibility, better strength, and better muscle tone within the same timeline.

What if Yoga Burn Doesn’t Work?

There are times when even the best yoga or workout programs do not work for you. It happens when a specific program does not suit your lifestyle or cannot help you attain your fitness goals. If it is the case with Yoga Burn, you can get your money back after applying for the refund.

You can contact the official team through a customer service contact number or via their website. You can either call them or email them to send your refund, if you are not happy with the course. As a result, you will get your refund within 60 days after the purchase.

A refund is usually issued within 48 hours. So, you can look for another perfect fitness program for you without losing your money on this particular program.

Our thoughts on Yoga Burn

The Yoga Burn program offers you a distinct way to tone muscles, lose weight, and improve flexibility. This program is specifically curated for women to help them stay fit while burning calories. They can begin their fitness journey at home. However, the results are varied depending on various factors, like age, metabolism, consistency, etc.

This particular program is perfect for beginners and helps you develop flexibility, strength, and endurance over time. The course is beneficial for those who don’t keep up with the gym commitment or don’t want to lift heavy weights for weight loss.

When combined with a healthy diet, this yoga program helps you attain your fitness goals quickly. However, to attain the desired results, you need to follow this program for 12-weeks at a much lower price than joining an in-person yoga class or a gym.

Nonetheless, we also recommend going through its pros and cons before making the buying decision. Consider the purchase only if you feel the program is suitable for you.

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