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8 Good Habits we Picked up in 2020 and Should Continue With in 2021

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2020 came ringing in with surprises and setbacks as the entire world negotiated to come to terms with the COVID-19 crisis. Unlike 2020, the New Year is going to be crucial in shaping our future as the pandemic has had people around the world tweak their priorities in favor of a happier and healthier life.

No matter the extent of damage 2020 has caused, we can still find hope in things we took for granted earlier. There are lessons to be learned from the crisis we faced in 2020, which indeed is going to better our skills in dealing with challenges life throws on us. 2020 has taught us that if we do not take charge of our lives and make efforts in influencing positive changes, no amount of riches can save us from a crisis like this.

The year has also brought to the fore our vulnerabilities at a time when there is fear all around and limited resources to rely on. As a coping strategy, all of us had to adopt new habits to safely course through this tough phase – in a way, for the better.

Here are a few good habits we picked up in 2020 and should carry on with in this year for a contented and joyful 2021.

A healthier approach towards life

healthier approach towards life
Image: Lifesavvy

COVID-19 has redefined the way we take our health. As a measure to stay safe and protected, most of us feel drawn towards healthier food habits, and consciously making healthy lifestyle choices. Ever since the lockdown was imposed, people found it easier to wean off from junk food and switched to home-cooked food.

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Staying and eating healthy not only protect us from falling ill but also keeps us in a positive state of mind and enhance our productivity at work. So, if you want to have a healthy life, load up on foods stocked with essential vitamins and micronutrients to keep you up and running.


Prioritizing hygiene

Prioritizing hygiene - Good Habits
Image: WOSU

The coronavirus turned out to be a game-changer in instilling hygienic habits in our daily routines. Various health advisories issued by medical associations and distribution of sanitizers to the deprived sections ensured each and every person gets to know the importance of cleanliness in keeping diseases and infections at bay.

If we make an effort to keep our home, office, and surroundings clean, it can greatly lower the chances of catching infections. It also means a lot for parents of toddlers – who are at a greater risk of contracting flu from unknown sources.


Taking relationships seriously

Taking relationships seriously
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The loss of lives due to coronavirus has made us realize how important it is for us to treasure the time we spend with our loved ones. Those with hectic work lives are now reconsidering their choices and paying more attention to their relations.

The loss of loved ones is making way for people to invite new people into their lives. More than anything, it is the fear of dying that has caused a change in the emotional and mental attitudes of people around the globe. Living in the moment and cherishing the little joys of life is what everyone needs right now.

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Building new skills

learn new skills - Good Habits
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This New Year, more and more people are thinking of reskilling as a way to harness their true potential on the work front. Reading and journaling have become an inseparable part of our routines. These habits do enact a change in our mental states.

Yet another skill people are finding themselves glued to is cooking. Learning to cook healthier dishes has made people aware of the power of good food and the effect it brings in curbing negativity. So next time you think of eating something that not just curbs your hunger but also satisfies your soul, head to your kitchen, and let your magical hands churn out a great recipe. Also, take time to learn new cuisines and what people from different cultures eat, ingredients they use, and dishes they cook to stay healthy.


Going slow

go slow - take some rest
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The onset of the coronavirus crisis slowed down our fast-paced lives. This affected people around the world in so many ways, but adapting to a slower pace of life did wonders in maintaining physical and mental health.

This doesn’t need to be retold, how important it is to pay attention to physical and mental health. Paying a little less attention to perfecting your daily routine will not cost the world, instead, try following what brings happiness in your life. Rethink of ways you can create a life of your dream until this crisis is not over.


Connecting with friends

connect with friends
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The pandemic reminded us of the impermanence of life and people. The grinding schedules we followed before the pandemic made us forget about friendships and the importance of having a supporting circle of people that matters.

It is not until we connect with people who we truly understand and love. The lockdown made us aware of the personal challenges most of us faced. In turn, it also made us take stock of our personal lives and think of resolutions to gain control over our life. This is the essence of any social connection we make. We learn and get inspired by people in our lives, the problems they face, and things they do to stay happy.


Ditching the unnecessary

recycling old things at home - Good Habits
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The crunching economy has resulted in a major shift in the buying habits of people. Things that were earlier considered elementary are no longer finding relevance in the current scenario. Since so many people have lost their jobs and are going through an existential crisis, those with fewer challenges are opting to spend on the most significant needs, not wants.

People are no longer spending on luxury and the focus is rather on meeting the primary needs and creatively using things lying unused in their homes. This also means a lesser load on the environment, as there is more emphasis on recycling.


Work from home

Work from home post covid-19 pandemic
Image: Indeed

2020 proved revolutionary in initiating work from home culture. Companies around the world – big or small – are encouraging work from home to cut costs and improve efficiency. Working from home is proving useful for workers as well as they get to save time that was earlier spent on commuting.

Apart from work, they can also concentrate more on their families and other important chores that went unattended in the usual 9 to 5 jobs. This culture has also taught workers to be their own bosses and commit to their work schedules to achieve targets independently.