Walk While You Work On Walkolution Treadmill + Desk

Walkolution Treadmill + Desk Lets You Work While You Walk/Run

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After the COVID-19 pandemic situation, working from home has become a new norm. While many people have adjusted to this new work-life norm, several individuals are finding it difficult to manage their workouts. You may think that buying a treadmill is a solution.

But what if you have too much work to manage every day. For the multitaskers like you, there’s a revolutionary solution called Walkolution Treadmill Desk.

A girl working on Walkolution treadmill desk
Image: Walkolution

The German company, Walkolution, provides various distinct models of walking treadmill that differs in design and size. They look the same in many ways, as they let you begin your own revolutionary movement at home. Plus, all their variants feature the same elements, including a treadmill and a desk. This means that you can complete your regular work along with a regular exercise routine.

Need for a motorless Walkolution treadmill solution

Our lifestyle has become increasingly sedentary owing to smart home devices and adoption of automation technologies at workplaces. Sitting for long hours is one of the major causes of lifestyle-related disorders like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Walkolution treadmill desks installed at a library
Image: Walkolution

Products like Walkolution treadmills can bring a revolution in the lives of people doing desk jobs in the near future.

Walkolution treadmill versions

Walkolution treadmills comes in two versions:

  1.  Original Walkolution treadmills
  2. Walkolution-Kybun treadmills

The original Walkolution treadmill have three variants:

Original Walkolution treadmill desk
Image: Walkolution
  • MT300 NEW WORK
  • MTD800R ARA

The company’s most reasonably priced model is the MT300 NEW WORK. It is a very silent and compact treadmill. This model does not have a desk, but is easy to place anywhere near a standing desk. You may even select a standing aid and handrail of your choice.

Walkolution treadmill desk with standing aid
Image: Walkolution

Their other two models are MTD700R WANDERLUST and MTD800R ARA. Both these versions are also compact and come with a silent treadmill.

Walkolution treadmill desk installed at an office
Image: Walkolution

Plus, these models come integrated with a work desk and a freestanding premium lift desk, respectively. Both these models also provide a handrail and ergonomic standing aid. Moreover, the standing desk of each model is easy to adjust.

Standalone desk part of Walkolution treadmill desk
Image: Walkolution

The Walkolution-Kybun treadmills have ergonomic walking surface with elastic and rubbery slats.  The slats are underlain by birchwood structure. The surface allows your foot to sink in to some depths and spring back instantly.  Hence, while walking on treadmill, you’d feel like walking on soft forest meadows.

soft slats of Walkolution treadmill desk
Image: Walkolution

Walkolution-Kybun treadmills again have three variants:

Kybun versions of Walkolution treadmill desk
Image: Walkolution
  • MT900 KYBUN
MT900 Keybun verison of Walkolution treadmill desk
Image: Walkolution

Each treadmill consists of proprietary technology. And, not just like any other treadmill, this equipment also does not require electricity to work all version of Walkolution are motorless. So, you can get moving or walking anytime you desire.

Black version of Walkolution treadmill desk
Image: Walkolution

This unique workstation is also built at an eco-certified production site. So, the equipment is eco-friendly and crafted with high standards as per the top-notch German quality and amazing customer service.

Standout features of Walkolution

Walkolution treadmill desk features
Image: Walkolution
  • Surface made of stable and tough wooden slats coated with sound-absorbing protective coating
  • Scratch-resistant, noise-absorbing and washable surface
  • Fully assemble your Walkolution treadmill at home
  • Walk barefoot or with shoes
  • Height adjustable desk
  • Standing aid for leaning back when working for long hours
  • Motorless and noiseless treadmill
  • Shock absorbing birchwood walking deck
  • Maintenance free
  • Motorless design
  • Lifetime warranty

Ideal for different work settings

According to many freelancers and other work-from-home employees, this is a perfect solution for home offices. It is ideal for fitness studios, corporate offices, home gyms, and also in spas. For more comfort, you may even change the cover of the treadmill.

You also get the option to choose between the elastic wooden slats and the stable birchwood. Another flexible solution from Walkolution is its modular design that is easy to retrofit or modify to other versions.

Running deck of Walkolution treadmill desk
Image: Walkolution

The treadmill even boasts a design with a leaning back position. So, you can walk on the treadmill more comfortably.

Today, many people are aware that sitting in a chair for long hours is not good for their health. Therefore, Walkolution has combines the functionality of a treadmill with a work desk to let you work while shedding some extra kilos.

A girl running on Walkolution treadmill desk
Image: Walkolution

It also means that you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home when busy working. However, we are not sure how comfortable it would be to work at the same time you’re sweating out.

Nevertheless, Walkolution has been already awarded many design awards, including the German Design Award 2021 and the iF Design Award 2021. Want to know how this treadmill desk can fit into your everyday work life? Head to the company’s official website to find it in detail.