Calibre - Worlds Most Accurate Real-Time Calorie and Fitness Tracker

Calibre: World’s Most Accurate Real-Time Calorie and Fitness Tracker

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All thanks to wearable calorie and fitness trackers, it has become easier for gym trainers and medical professionals to keep a tab on your fitness through calorie count, breath count, and fat burn. However, tools for measuring breath were not in the reach of average consumers until now.

Wearing Calibre calorie & fitness tracker
Image: Calibre

Calibre (the world’s most accurate real-time calorie and fitness tracker) is the first-ever wearable device that provides professional-grade calorimetry and respiratory tracking to average people.

Features of Calibre fitness tracker

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Precise tracking app
  • Easy to wear and clean
  • Portable and compact
  • 14+ hours of battery life
  • Effortless breathing

One-of-its-kind fitness tracker

A girl wearing Calibre fitness tracker
Image: Calibre

Unlike other fitness trackers that usually measure pulse and motion, Calibre is the world’s first fitness tracker to measure the composition and the volume of your breath. The device provides medically precise and accurate biometrics that’s available in hospitals via a companion app in real-time.

Calibre fitness tracker features
Image: Calibre

The mobile app also analyzes everything from CO2 production and oxygen use to breath rate and volume. It even observes total fat, calorie, and carb burn with proper chemical precision. It even hosts certain metabolic and respiratory parameters, such as hyperventilation or ketosis (quite useful if you’re following a ketogenic diet plan.

Comes with Calibre app to measure breath anytime, anywhere

The Calibre fitness tracker comes with a companion Calibre App. Besides the aforementioned parameters, this app also lets the users customize its dashboard and allow users to view the metrics they want. This way, it is easier to track their fitness goals and metabolic health.

Calibre calorie & fitness tracker
Image: Calibre

This groundbreaking device by the team at Calibre Biometrics aims to blend the entire “metabolic cart” with a very lightweight wearable tracker. It focuses on delivering biometric data to the mobile phone. It weighs only under 50g and is intended for reliable use in any desired activity or setting.

Enable you to measure, compare, and make changes

Calibre fitness tracker
Image: Calibre

Calibre is a perfect device that allows you to store, measure, and display data from workout sessions or some other activities. You can easily measure, compare, and contrast the influences. Depending on the available data, you can make necessary changes to your body with time. The users can easily understand the influences of the device through performance and metabolism. So, they can enhance their overall health and fitness.


Calibre calorie and fitness tracker will be available for pre-orders today in a few hours. You can place pre-orders via the company’s official website with discounts of 40% on the launch day.