Airtomo portable air purifier

Breathe Easy With 3D-Printed Airtomo Clip-On Portable Air Purifier

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Air pollution, the biggest enemy to the living world has taken a far greater toll on human life and the environment than we could ever imagine. The toxin-laden air we breathe exposes us to a slew of chemicals that are known to be hazardous for human life, causing a great range of illnesses.

Kevin Chiam's Airtomo air purifier
Image: Kevin Chiam

Airtomo portable air purifier is designed to create toxin-free surroundings for travelers on the go. The wearable air purifier ensures you breathe only clean air irrespective of the existing pollution levels in your surroundings. Airtomo’s user-friendly design was conceptualized by Kevin Chiam, an industrial designer from Singapore who thought of this innovative solution to lessen the effects of rising pollution levels in the London Underground.

Airtomo air purifier design

This portable purifier comes in a 3D printed design and works by sending out atomized water vapors to cleanse the pollution in the surroundings of the wearer. The vapors bind together with the particulate matter in the air to make them heavier, so they easily fall on the ground. This way you can breathe easily without worrying about the harmful traces of pollutants collected on the ground as even if the water evaporates, there’s no way the particulates can find their way back into the air.

Airtomo air purifier clipped-on bag straps
Image: Kevin Chiam

Airtomo wearables are designed to store 30 to 50ml of water and last up to one hour when they’re fully charged. If you want longer support, you can reload the purifier and charge it as needed. Its clip-on functionality makes the process of carrying it easier, compared to other portable air purifiers.

Airtomo air purifier clipped-on ankles
Image: Kevin Chiam

You can attach it to your shirt pocket, bag, or shoes for a hassle-free experience. This innovative product is expected to gain leverage in the current pandemic situation with its special vaporized air cleaning mechanism that effectively rids the surrounding space of harmful pathogens, dirt, and other substances capable of causing life-threatening diseases.

Idea behind Airtomo wearable 3D-printed air purifier

The most worrisome problem that triggered Kevin Chiam to invent this easy-to-carry purifier was the pollution in the London Underground, which is around twenty times higher than in open roads. He came out with the idea of vaporized cloud cleansing system after studying the workings of air purifiers that can effectively reduce pollution in underground air.

Inside Airtomo 3D-printed air purifier
Image: Kevin Chiam

To him, dry atomized water droplets seemed to be the best recourse for cleansing toxin-laden particulates from underground air. His future plans include installing atomized purifiers in the London Underground to offer a safe journey to the commuters who come in direct contact with the disease-causing underground air.

How Airtomo air purifier works?

Amid the stressful COVID-19 scenario, Airtomo air purifier assures to infuse a fresh lease of life in your lungs and keeps you protected from virus strains at any place you travel to. This device comes installed with an ultrasonic disc that atomizes water droplets into vapors that safely remove pathogens from the air without making your clothes damp.

Airtomo air purifier modules
Image: Kevin Chiam

This prototype is designed taking into consideration nature’s way of cleaning the air. Just like rain, the vapors emitted by Airtomo cleanse microscopic elements present in the air without any use of artificial additives. This product is suitable for people of all ages and kids are surely going to love this tiny cloud system in their pockets because of its easy mechanism and the safety it offers.