Tajezzo PZ5 A Shock, Shatter & Waterproof Smart Backpack

Tajezzo PZ5 Smart Backpack With Bluetooth Speaker & LED Light

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Tajezzo PZ5 is the coolest and smartest backpack with a comfortable hands-free carrier to easily move large loads on your back. The backpack not only has enough space, it also comes with a dual-channel Bluetooth 5.0 speaker.

Tajezzo pz5 backpack
Image: Tajezzo / Kickstarter

So, you can enjoy your favourite track while travelling. Whether you’re off camping, commuting, or hiking, this is the perfect backpack for maximum comfort.

Tajezzo PZ5 backpack design

Detachable design of Tajezzo pz5 backpack
Image: Tajezzo / Kickstarter

Unlike other backpacks, the PZ5 comes with a polyhedral hard shell on its front —  a design that appears to be inspired from Tesla’s Cybertruck. It makes it stand out from other backpacks you’d find in the market. Due to its hard shell, this backpack can withstand shocks and collisions. This backpack is also long and spacious.

Tajezzo pz5 backpack shell
Image: Tajezzo / Kickstarter


At the top, this backpack comes with a glass panel to display interactive lighting. This strip of lighting can also flash in various colors.

Image: Tajezzo / Kickstarter

Since it is a smart backpack, it can connect to the web and also let you make decisions for yourself. You can simply connect it to a speaker with your smartphone for playing music and attending phone calls. There is also a hidden inline zipper to prevent theft.

Tajezzo pz5 backpack music, call & light control button
Image: Tajezzo / Kickstarter

The smart backpack even comes with a luggage strap and one back pocket. In the rear pocket, you can keep your phone for charging. It even comes with a cable with three ports: lightning, USB-C, and USB-A.

Phone charging with Tajezzo pz5 backpack charger
Image: Tajezzo / Kickstarter

The USB-A port is perfect for charging the backpack speaker, while the other two can charge your iPhone and Android phone. It even includes an FIDLOCK magnetic buckle for securing the bag.


  • Intelligent and interactive LED light
  • High fidelity Bluetooth speaker with two channel surround sound
  • Hands-free phone calling and hang up function
  • Polyhedral PC/ABS/EVA composite materials that offer shock and shatter resistance
  • Anti-theft & Anti-collision
  • Ergonomic design
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Magnetic buckle and adjustable chest strap

Inside the Tajezzo PZ5 backpack

The backpack comes with large internal storage. Its zipper can also open to the end. This is how you can open it fully for packing your stuff and removing things easily from your bag.

Tajezzo pz5 backpack compartments
Image: Tajezzo / Kickstarter

The internal space of the bag is ergonomically divided into three compartments. Its base compartment is perfect for adding clothing or other big items.

Image: Tajezzo / Kickstarter

And, the second compartment is to store small stuff, such as folders, books, etc. On the other hand, the third compartment is for tablets or laptops.


For starting a Bluetooth speaker in your backpack, you can long-press the power button on its remote control on the left strap.

A man carrying Tajezzo pz5 backpack
Image: Tajezzo / Kickstarter

It even turns on the speaker and adds it to pairing mode. There are even four buttons that play a major part in the bag’s remote control.

Tajezzo pz5 backpack features
Image: Tajezzo / Kickstarter

Plus, the light-bulb button controls the LED light. There are even two music modes for switching between Bass and Treble. You can click the music button to alter between them.


The Tajezzo PZ5 is a practical backpack with a futuristic design. It has a durable hardshell case with big storage and ample cushioning for ergonomic support.

Tajezzo pz5 backpack price
Image: Tajezzo / Kickstarter

If you like the design and functionality of this smart backpack, you can pledge the Tajezzo backpack for US$159 on the Kickstarter page.

About the backpack company

TAJEZZO was established in 2019. It is making an effort to explore what users demand in outdoor activities. The team has won the Red Dot and iF design awards. Besides, the team is committed to sticking to create uniqueness. TAJEZZO invests in products with aesthetic and futuristic spirits, such as cyberpunk, vaporwave and so forth. The team is bold in exploring possibilities of developing new multi-functional products which helps to solve various problems in one way.