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Pyro Camp Fire and Grill is Your Ultimate Camping Cooktop

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Cooking and igniting fire during a camping adventure are two separate things. It’s not an easy task to camp if you’re not aware of the tactics involved in setting up a fire. And, you’d eventually have to carry pre-packed food with you.

handling wood fuel of Pyro campfire pit
Image: Proud Pyro

Not anymore, as Proud Pyro’s Camp Fire Pit and Grill is here to solve your fire setup and cooking woes while camping.

Proud Pyro Camp fire pit design & construction

This device is your portable alternative to set up a fire, as well as to grill a tasty meal in the middle of a jungle. It is a portable fire pit that’s entirely made from American steel to offer durability for grill/griddle sessions. Using this fire pit-cum-grill, you can easily burn charcoal or wood cleanly and safely.

holding Pyro campfire pit in hand
Image: Proud Pyro

The Pyro Camp Fire & Grill has been designed by camping enthusiasts themselves. Hence, it consists of all necessary things that make it a perfect camping companion. The portable fire pit boasts an 18 x 14 x 9-inches combustion chamber.

Cooking on the Pyro camp fire pit grill
Image: Proud Pyro

Weighing just 14.5 pounds, this device is ideal for taking to any camping trail you head out for. What makes its design stand out from other fire pit and grill options is its side-loading system, which enables you to conveniently add wood into the put without removing the top grill or fire screen.

Proud Pyro Camp fire pit comes with removable parts

cleaning burnt wood residue of Pyro campfire pit
Image: Proud Pyro

Its compact and lightweight body can easily accommodate around 16-inch firewood, allowing them to burn safely inside the combustion chamber that’s nicely covered with a perforated stainless steel mesh.

perforated stainless steel combustion chamber of Pyro campfire pit
Image: Proud Pyro

Due to this mesh, campers can even witness the fire encircling inside the chamber while offering good airflow to wood or charcoal for combustion.

flames inside Pyro camp fire pit
Image: Proud Pyro

There’s also an ash catcher at the base of this fire pit-cum-grill. Even the top mesh screen can be removed to enjoy an open fire experience or simply replaced with a griddle or grill for cooking. Furthermore, the extension comes with a cutting board to offer extra preparation space to the users.

Pyro Camp Fire Grill Pit 

All thanks to the fire pit being properly covered with fire screens, it’s absolutely safe to use it around kids without worrying much about their safety.

Proud Pyro Camp Fire Pit price

If you’re interested to get Pyro Camp Fire and Grill, you can grab it for $249. However, with a grill extension, it will cost you up to $349.