$1,800 Hand Plane from Lazarus Handplane is Porsche of Woodworking Industry

This $1,800 Hand Plane from Lazarus Handplane is Porsche of Woodworking Tools

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Wood carving is an art that requires the highest level of precision to shape and mould any block of wood into the desired shape without inflicting any structural damage. Most craftsmen these days heavily rely on a hand plane to carve wood into beautiful sculptures but finding the right kind of hand plane that comes with a perfectly positioned chisel to give your wood project all the attention and care it needs to make it a success is not that easy.

To help artists channelize their creativity in the best way, Mateo Panzica’s Lazarus Handplane Co. has come up with a $1,800 hand plane (Bevel Up Smooth Plane) that offers comfort and precision of the highest level with brilliant design. While deciding to build these tools, the makers focused on several fine details like wood weight and texture, free size handling, and blade positioning to allow the artists carve different shapes and designs with greater finesse.

The hand plane comes in a sleek metal body made from stainless steel and brass that contribute to its glossy antique aesthetics. In order to enable free size handling, the makers eliminated the cross pin found in most hand planes. A four linkage mechanism is utilized in the design to achieve the blade tension needed for the project at hand.

The screw knobs located at the top of the screw pivot are adjustable to prevent the lead screw from moving backward while using it. The makers also roped in another innovative idea to protect the users from injuries by adding a blade guard to cover the unused part of the blade and allowing better handling of the equipment.

The size is just right for effortless woodworking. Generally, the type and size of wood you are dealing with to ultimately decide on which type of hand plane is best suited for your project. The smaller ones are preferred for carving intricate patterns while the larger ones work better on wood with large surface areas.

The angled exterior of Lazarus’ hand plane enables better grip and maneuverability to help the artists fine-tune their carving skills without putting any strain on hands.

The best part is this hand plane is made to treat wood the way a goldsmith treats gold, so even the smallest of wood pieces can be turned into some useful.

Those interested in buying this high-end woodworking tool can visit Lazarus Handplanes Co.’s online shop and get it shipped to their doorstep.