World’s First Edible Face Mask Made From Melon Pan Bread

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When it comes to innovative designs, Japan never fails to surprise us. This time the country has come up with an interesting, unique, and practical take on a COVID-19 face mask. They have created the world’s first edible face mask that’s fully functional (it’s fun to wear and functional) at the same time.

Japanese boy wearing Melonpan bread edible facemask

Goku No Kimochi The Labo has created this innovative face mask with melonpan bread. Hence, they have taken face masks to another level. Also, proved that edible substances can create such practical items in the tough times of the coronavirus pandemic.

Japanese boys wearing Melonpan bread edible facemask

Tokyo’s popular melon pan chain, Melon de Melon, has provided the melon bread to the company for making these edible yet practical masks. Melonpan bread edible facemask graphic

It may seem gimmicky, these masks have undergone proper performance and product testing at Untika Garmentec Research, the third-party mask testing institute.

girl wearing Melonpan bread edible facemask

As per the research, this edible melon pan mask offers a great level of protection that is equivalent – if not better than the commercially available face masks. The findings recommend that these melon bread face masks are useful for proper mouth coverings. After use, they also work as an ideal snack. After all, you can nibble on its inner part.people wearing Melonpan bread facemask

Each mask is circular and small loaf-like sweet bread. This bread is known as a melon pan with a subtle crisscross pattern. So, it appears like you are wearing a big waffle on your face.

How effective is Melonpan bread edible facemask?

Melonpan bread edible facemask

In the above picture, the first GIF animation (on the upper left side) shows the spread of respiratory droplets without a mask. The second GIF (on upper right) shows a man wearing an urethane mask. The third animation on the lower left side is of a man wearing Melonpan bread edible facemask. Last one is mask certification by Unitika Garment Technology.

Melonpan bread edible mask cost

If you want to purchase a pack of five, you need to spend $16. And, the product will ship from Japan. So, there might be chances that the edible face masks are stable by the time they reach you.