Cyberlandr Camper Turns Tesla Cybertruck Into a Pop-Up Home

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Tesla Cybertruck has not made it into production so far. But many people have started seeing it as a perfect platform for outdoor adventure. To take the adventure to another level, a Las Vegas-based company has come up with a pop-up Cybertruck camper conversion called Cyberlandr. It will be an ideal addition to its EV host with all 21st-century modern design details and lux amenities.

Tesla Cyberlandr Cybertruck camper design

Utilizing a pop-up concept, the Cyberlandr is designed to turn Cybertruck into a futuristic home for four. This unit conforms to the truck’s shape when it’s collapsed. But when expanded upward, it turns four times its height and goes all the way to the truck’s open tailgate. The extended version has two small rooms (for 2 adults and 2 children), along with a sleeping space, living area, dining area, and a tiny bathroom.

Cyberlandr Camper

The living area boasts a kitchen with a sink, under-counter fridge, and induction cooktop integrated with a countertop. The countertop also has a touchless faucet that can be activated via voice command. Plus, an invisible induction cooktop is included underneath the electrically heated porcelain-tile counter.

CyberLandr bedroom
Image: CyberLandr

Furthermore, the two reconfigurable lounging chairs offer a perfect seating space. These chairs can also be laid flat and installed over the countertop to form a double bed. These can even be taken outside to set up outdoor seating.

Cyberlandr camper
Image: CyberLandr

There’s a 32-inch flatscreen TV that doubles as a monitor to ensure that you can get some work done even on a vacation outdoors. For security, there is a built-in 360-degree surveillance system. All these things surely need connectivity and power. So, there is a StarLink satellite for wireless connectivity and the 500-watt solar roof panels ensure that the pop-up home always stays juiced up.

CyberLandr Forest with Chair
Image: CyberLandr

There is a phone-booth-sized bathroom with next-level technology, including a self-cleaning, dry-flush toilet to eliminate the requirement of the black water tank. There’s even a four-stage water-filtration system for recirculation of water to the shower.

Tesla Cyberlandr Cybertruck camper features


  • 3 levels sink with colander
  • wash basin
  • drying rack
  • cutting board
  • Faucet that can be manually/with touch/voice controlled
  • Invisible induction cooktop

Luxurious living room

  • Smart living room (control lighting and climate variables with voice/app commands)
  • 32 inches 4K UHD Smart TV with integrated apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, YouTube, etc.
  • Reclining/freestanding portable chairs
  • Surround sound system


  • Seats that transforms into comfortable, breathable queen bed
  • Electrochromic smart glass duel pan windows
  • Alarm system with 360 degrees surveillance cameras and exterior lighting equipped with motion sensors for added security.

Spa-spirited Bathroom

  • Radiant-heated single piece porcelain tile floor
  • Recirculating shower with 4-stage filter
  • 5 flow patterns Spa-styled shower head
  • Dry-flush toilet with self-cleaning bowl

Corner Office

  • Starlink’s connectivity (requires subscription) that offer high speed internet with low latency rate.
  • Watch streaming video through Apple AirPlay on 32 inches TV (also acts as computer monitor)

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Tesla Cyberlandr Cybertruck camper price

According to Cyblerlandr makers, all these features and specifications are likely to change. This is because Tesla has not yet revealed their exact dimensions for the Cybertruck. However, Cyberlandr is taking reservations along with deposits now. You can put down $5,000 of deposit to get 20% net savings on the Cyberlander.

CyberLandr Mountain Stowed
Image: CyberLandr

This means that you’d get it for $39,995. But you need to hurry—as only 20 of these are available for this offer. With some smaller deposits, like for $100, there’s a sales price of $44,995. After all these offers are over, the final tariff of Cyberlandr will be $49,995.