Segway Navimow Lawn Mower

Segway Navimow Robotic Mower Can Mow Your Lawn Even Without Boundary Wires

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Navimow lawn mower from Segway is the first robot mower developed by Segway Inc., an American manufacturer of two-wheeled personal transporters. This robotic lawn mower is unique as it has a GPS built in to help it navigate gardens with greater precision.


Robotic mowers are not new to homeowners, but the majority of them require perimeter wire installation to function properly.

Segway Navimow robotic lawn mower

The Segway Navimow, on the other hand, is a smart lawnmower that operates without the use of any boundary wires. You don’t have to worry about installing wires to keep this device on the right grass patch because it uses GPS to stay on the course of your lawn while keeping it well-trimmed.

Segway Navimow is a GPS-enabled lawn mower with centimeter level accuracy

In its robotic lawnmower, Segway employs the EFLS (Exact Fusion Locating System) technological innovation. It is a type of fusion locating technology that communicates with satellites on a consistent basis, while its antenna forms a stable triangular locating system for precisely positioning the robot.

Navimow robotic lawn mower in action

The device also employs GPS satellite signals to achieve accurate outdoor positioning to within 2 cm using real-time kinematics.

Segway Navimow smart lawn mower

However, because of the built-in sensors and vast information, the robotic lawn mower remains operable and stable even when the GPS signal is temporarily weak.

Intelligent Support

Segway’s lawnmower’s compact design is ideal for a garden or lawn area of up to 3,000-square meters, with various features of an intelligent garden helper.

Segway Navimow robotic lawn mower functions

It is also the quietest mower in the market, with just 54 dB. It is also integrated with the Frequent Soft Cut System (FSCS), which ensures that the lawn is cut precisely from above and its desired height is reached gradually.