Kano Sense: Pill-Shaped Device Turns Everyday Objects Smart

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Today, smart technology has invaded our homes to a large extent. From smart refrigerators to smart TVs and smart home assistants to control lighting, we are becoming dependent on these tech-based devices that simple household chores seem like a big task.

Kano sense smart home device
Image: Sam Beaney Design

Inspired by his granny’s kitchenware and souvenir mugs, designer Sam Beaney curated Kano Sense, a pill-shaped smart home gadget that uses computer vision for turning daily use objects into smart home devices.

Gesture control with Kano sense smart home device

Unlike other smart home devices that respond to voice commands, Kano Sense relies on analyzing gestures, human behavior, and interactions with everyday objects. It further sends commands to different appliances in a house by detecting certain objects.

Image: Sam Beaney Design

For instance, if it observes you’re holding a mug, it will turn on the kettle. Or if you put a baking tray atop the kitchen counter, it will trigger the oven to start preheating.

Within its soft wooden structure, this tiny gadget houses computer hardware that remains out of sight by its precision-molded lens due to one-way mirror coating. The users can also scan specific objects via their smartphones while labeling them as such and connecting them with a specific room.

Image: Sam Beaney Design

Due to its smart computer vision, this smart device can analyse the different objects and other everyday appliances, such as ovens to convert small interactions (or touch) into smart outputs. However, we are not certain how this device avoids accidental spotting of an object when you’re not using it. Probably, it works only after the exact placement of objects.

Innovative concept of Kano sense smart capsule

Image: Sam Beaney Design

Nonetheless, Kano sense innovative concept is something necessary in this smart world. It also hits a sweet spot with the futuristic technology, keeping in mind the things that are already at home rather than adding more and more devices into a home.

Kano sense smart device has undergone multiple trial

Image: Sam Beaney Design

To create this device, Beaney had undergone multiple trials and iterations before deciding its final shape. He also experimented with various wood types. And, finally decided to go for a small collection of local woods for suiting their cultural environment, such as American Maple. Asian Meranti, Australian Blackwood, European Beach, and African Ikoko.

When I can buy Kano sense?

So far, we are not sure when Kano Sense will be available in the market. But we are sure that many smart homeowners would be interested in buying it.