Heinz Packet Roller Squeezes Every Last Drop From Ketchup Packets

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Say goodbye to those annoying half-used tomato ketchup packets that drip sauce on your clothes. Kraft Heinz has now devised a cool solution to squeeze every last drop from them. It’s a bottle-shaped gadget that cuts corners off condiment packets and extracts sauce evenly from the small packets. As a result, putting ketchup on fries or burgers becomes much easier.

How does Heinz ketchup packet roller (squeezer) work?

Heinz sauce packet squeezer
Image: Heinz

Now, let’s discuss how this device works. There is a built-in razor on the right end of the new Packet Roller. With the razor, a sauce packet can be efficiently sliced off. So, you don’t have to struggle with opening ketchup packets from teeth – as it often tears off the packet down to the middle.

And when that happens, the sauce spurts out from both the top and the bottom. It leads to unwanted sauce distribution or sometimes a stained tee or jeans. Therefore, this ketchup packet roller is a perfect solution to save yourself from spurting sauce everywhere.

Heinz sauce packet roller
Image: Heinz

There is another mechanism, called the roller wringer, on its left side. On placing an unopened end of the sauce packet on this section, you have to twist the bottle cap for applying pressure. And, then the sauce squiggles to the open corner of the packet in an even line. Since this device is intended to squeeze every drop out of the packet, you don’t have to worry about the half-used ketchup packets anymore.

Heinz Ketchup roller
Image: Heinz

Another good feature of this gadget is that it comes with a convenient metal ring. So, you can even put a keychain on it and carry it with you conveniently to any place you want.

Ketchup packet roller features

  1. Condiment corner cutter
  2. Keychain attachment
  3. Pocket fitting design
  4. Sauce squeeze roller
  5. Can work with a variety of sauce packets

Why packet roller?

A huge surge in takeout and food delivery orders during the COVID-19 pandemic caused a scarcity of ketchup packets. In April, Heinz pledged for increasing its ketchup production by 25%. It means around 12 billion packets yearly. It was due to high demands of food delivery orders and ketchup shortages in restaurants for takeout food items.

Price & availability

If you want 100% sauce extraction, you can order Heinz Packet Roller for just $5.70 from the company website.