Covid 19 Virus detecting face mask

This Biosensor-enabled Face Mask Detects COVID-19 Quickly

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COVID-19 wave 3 is creeping closer and we are witnessing an influx of people outside COVID-19 testing facilities. In part because of the crowd, asymptomatic patients feel discouraged for screenings and COVID tests.

The first thing everyone needs in this troublesome situation is a foolproof method to detect the coronavirus, minus the risk of being exposed to the deadly virus.

Developing biosensors for COVID-19 identifying mask

Biosensor enable Covid detecting face fask
Image: Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering

The failure of authorities to enforce social distancing norms at testing facilities is what led Peter Nguyen and Luis Soenksen, scientists from Harvard University and MIT, to develop a face mask that not only protects from the virus but also sends alerts on detecting the presence of coronavirus biomarkers in the wearer’s breath.

With its early detection feature, this new discovery is likely to boost the efforts of medical professionals (and the government authorities) in trying to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

This innovative mask features freeze-dried cell technology that senses virus strains in the user’s breath and gives results in just ninety minutes.

The accuracy of results is close to that of a PCR test, making it a suitable option for eager beavers to stay alert to the possibility of contracting a virus strain in its earliest stage of development.

How does the COVID-19 diagnosing mask work?

The mask has a biosensor fused within the fabric that freeze-dries the molecular structure of virus cells needed to read the DNA for making an accurate diagnosis. The freeze-drying mechanism lets users test their breath samples whenever they feel like.

Covid-10 diagnosing biosensor jacket
Image: Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering

Mask locks the cellular structure of the virus, which can be activated at any point in time with water. This technology was first implemented during the Zika virus outbreak after three years of rigorous labor put in by the scientists at Wyss Institute of Harvard University to get accurate results which did help in speeding up recovery time of the patients.

The biosensor in the COVID-19 mask has three special inbuilt sensors that detect SARS-COV-2 biomarkers in three reactive stages. All you need to do is switch on the testing button and let the water pouch wick off and redirect the fluid collected on the sample pad to the biosensor for analysis.

Covid-19 detecting face fask
Image: Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering

For correct results, the mask should be put on for at least 30 minutes before the test is done. The result is displayed with a color change indicator that shows a fluorescent sign on completion of the biosensor analysis.

This sensor is being seen as a remarkable tool for easy detection of deadly diseases. It also lets the patients decide whether to be alarmed or not whenever they develop flu-like symptoms.

Compared to COVID-19 testing kits available in medical stores, this mask lets you do the test wherever you are without any need for a power source or other instruments and lets your doctor design the right treatment plan much before the virus begins to impact your health. If more and more people start incorporating this mask in their routine life, it’s surely going to put an end to the ever-rising COVID-19 fatalities taking place across the globe.