Tea Burn Customer Reviews 2024

Review 1

Review by Theodore Miller

"After my friend's suggestion, I started using the Tea Burn formula daily with green tea, and to my surprise, I started feeling more energetic and active. I like it because it’s all natural. Since I have been using it, I am less bloated, my appetite has curbed."

Review 2

Review by Lorrie Shannon

"I have tried many different weight loss supplements in the past but none could keep me committed. I was skeptical when I first tried Tea Burn. It's been a few months since I am using Tea Burn and the weight has been coming off steadily. What I really like about Tea Burn its all-natural component mix, free of conservatives."

Review 3

Review by Millicent Forbes

"I am very happy with the order, delivered next day with no issues. I can't say how fast I will lose weight, but I lost almost 4 pound. I am very excited to see the results in three weeks. I am very excited to see the results in three weeks. Thank so much guys. A very happy customer here."

Review 4

Review by Mattie Wade

"This product works. you need to give it time. I have been using it off and on. I actually gave myself six months while taking this tea, the moment I stopped taking it after six months I lost weight to the extent no one could recognize me. This tea has a wonderful deep, slightly fruity, slightly earthy flavor. It tastes great."


How does Tea Burn work?

Tea itself is a weight loss beverage. When you mix Tea Burn supplement with tea, its plant based ingredients boost your metabolism rate, block fat producing enzymes, and positively affect your mood and cognition. The formula has a simple technique to tackle indigestion.


Benefits of  Tea Burn supplement

⦿ Accelerates your body fat burning ⦿ Clears toxins from body ⦿ Improves core strength ⦿ Positively affects mood, cognition, and brain function ⦿ Improves focus and attention ⦿ Depression and stress reliever ⦿ Reduces risk of heart attack and strokes ⦿ Boosts immune system


Tea Burn supplement is made of plant-based ingredients: ⦿ Caffeine ⦿ Green tea extract ⦿ L-theanine ⦿ Chromium ⦿ L-carnitine ⦿ Coffee extract ⦿ Minerals ⦿ Amino acids


Can I Take  Tea Burn with Java Burn?

John Barban recommends to take either Java Burn or Tea Burn supplement for effective weight loss. Meaning, mixing Java Burn and Tea Burn in tea or coffee will not result in any significant change in your weight loss journey. Hence, it's best to take one weight loss supplement at a time.


How to use  Tea Burn supplement?

The maker of Tea Burn supplement, John Barban, recommends drinking tea mixed with one packet of Tea Burn powder. Although Tea Burn works best with tea, according to John, it can also be used with coffee and other non-alcoholic and non-carbonated drinks.


What is the recommended dose of Tea Burn?

One packet of Tea Burn every day (preferably in morning). You can also take Tea Burn in afternoon or evening, but it may not work as effectively as it does with the morning tea.


How long should I take Tea Burn?

Factors such as diet, lifestyle, age, sleep pattern and physical activity play important role in losing weight fast.  John Barban in his research found that optimal results are achieved when Tea Burn is taken for at least 90 days. However, he also suggests  Tea Burn should be taken for  a maximum of 180 days for better results.


How safe is  Tea Burn supplement?

Tea Burn is manufactured from plant-based ingredients in a GMP-certified facility that complies with applicable safety and quality standards. The company says it is vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, third-party tested, and free of potentially harmful ingredients. No incidents of side effects or allergies have been reported so far.


How much is Tea Burn supplement?

Tea Burn can only be ordered from their official website. It is not available on Amazon. Tea Burn supplement comes in three different packages: ➤ 1 Pouch (30-day supply) for $69 ➤ 3 Pouches (90-day supply) for $117 ➤ 6 Pouches (180-day supply) for $204