Blue box for breast cancer

Blue Box Device For At-Home Breast Cancer Screening With Just A Tap On Your Phone

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What Is A Blue Box?

The blue box is an easily operatable at-home testing kit that detects breast cancer and symptoms arising at the early stages of its development.

Blue box gadget for breast cancer prevention
Image: Dezeen

This device is modeled on a dog’s odor sensing ability and has Artificial intelligence configured in its system, delivering faster and quicker results, compared to a mammogram.

What Does The Blue Box Do?

Blue box breast cancer gadget infographic
Image: James Dyson Award

This biomedical device scans urine samples to detect the presence of biological characteristics found in the early stages of breast cancer. The test results are sent to the user’s smartphone via the Blue Box app. It’s an indispensable tool for women who tend to skip their mammograms out of laziness or due to time constraints.

Unlike a mammogram that requires you to go to a hospital and wait for hours to get your results, this equipment brings you the comfort of getting screened in your home and gives instant results.


Prevention of deaths due to late diagnosis of breast cancer is the prime reason that led to the creation of this at-home cancer screening kit.
Every year, millions of women around the globe, routinely skip their breast cancer screenings for the fear of an ultra-complicated procedure entailed in mammography that also exposes them to harmful radiation.
But with the blue box, women now have hope as they no longer have to put up with the painful and time-consuming process of getting screened for breast cancer.

How does it work?

Blue box breast cancer gadget working
Image: James Dyson Award

The blue box cancer testing equipment uses an AI algorithm to sense breast cancer symptoms with six chemical detectors that show whether a woman is having breast cancer biomarkers or not.

To test yourself, you need to create a user profile on The Blue Box app and place your urine sample inside the device. Tap on the ‘start’ button on the app and the sensors inside the blue box will begin to react to the biomarkers highlighting the presence of breast cancer.

Changes sensed by the sensors are redirected from the blue box to the cloud that makes the diagnosis and sends it back to the Blue box app. Being a user-friendly device, the Blue box breast cancer testing device has made cancer screening more accessible to the target population.

Contrary to conventional breast cancer screening systems, this type of test eliminates the need to attend a hospital to get screened for breast cancer and therefore is considered a better way to stay informed about one’s health.

How is it different?

Women holding Blue box gadget
Image: Dezeen

The blue box is a thoroughly non-invasive breast cancer testing device with in-built AI that works like a dog’s nose.
Quite unlike other testing systems that run on the principles of experimental medicine, the maker of the blue box roped in technical elements and fused them with a special sensory system that screens urine samples the way a dog does. Investing in this device allows women to have more control over their lives.

It’s easy to work with and gives results in 30 seconds, making it suitable for working women who find it hard to take time out to get themselves tested in a hospital.

The Blue box lets women keep track of their health in the comfort of their homes as it rids them of the effort needed to get screened in a clinic. Compared to a mammogram, which is an extremely tedious and uncomfortable procedure, this test kit does the job in just thirty seconds and sends the result to your smartphone.